Wednesday, September 30, 2015

#BreakofDawn: Mental Health & Heartbreaks

One of my faithful followers ask that I touch on the subject of 
"How I deal with my Mental Health and Heartbreak"

If you are new to this blog then let me inform you that I live with being Bipolar and I am married with five children. In my life now, I deal with heartbreak from deaths, failed friendships or business dealings. It's tough when I lose a friend or something doesn't work out for me business wise and I can be depressed for days. Losing a childhood friend/family member recently took me back a few weeks because he was only a few years older than me and died doing what he loved to do: Fishing. I felt like after losing my Grandmother, another family friend and a cousin all this summer that there was something that I did. I know it sounds insane, but I've never figured out how not to take death so personally. I rarely get depressed now over losing friends because some people have just completed their time with me. It's ok. With this transition into the Sports Industry, I have dealt with so much back-biting and heart break that I almost gave up on my dreams right before this football season starts. It's all a test. I am so used to blaming myself that I find myself saying, "WHY NOT ME? Why not right now?" You lose friends, you lose family members and you will not get the opportunity you think was set up just for you. 

YOU HAVE TO DEAL! You don't sit around blaming others because these things happened to you or around you. You don't blame yourself. I think I've done enough of that to spare four people the time and hurt. You get back to YOU! It is time that we reserve more time for ourselves and centering what our purpose in life is. I know that this saves me daily along with my love for my family. I can't let them down. I can be down for maybe a few days but I can't sit in my tears. I have to dry it up and move forward for the next experience. It will be hard, but trust me you will smile again and someone else or another opportunity will come into your life. BEGIN AGAIN! I know for many folks reading this that they're heartbreak has come from failed relationships. I know the feeling. I've lived the hurt. I am better not bitter because of it. You have to write. You have to do what makes you smile. You have to create a Mind to Body connection that will allow you to become whole again. Never allow an opportunity or person take the very thing that makes YOU: LOVE! You can continue to love through the hurt and what how God will bless you for living through that experience. 

Read these books and thank me later:


Also visit for more information about how to deal with life and it's changes Emotionally & Mentally!

Monday, September 28, 2015

#WorkoutBeforeGameday Thanks Athleta at Lenox

Honestly I was not expecting to get a great workout like I did saturday morning at Athleta before heading to Carrollton, Georgia to cover University of West Georgia's Homecoming game.

I was invited along with a few other women to experience a simulated @Sculpthouse_ ATL class. I was sweaty, sore and thirsty when done! LOL

One of my #FansFavorite fitness follows & inspirations is @KatherineMason_ who shared her journey into the fitness industry and how she founded Sculpthouse ATL she will be seeing me again and I love the fact that she is a #DawgsFan #UGA

Check out more about this workout at Fans Favorite Fan here!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

#FansFavorite: Front Office Sports Feature!

When people want to know more about you do not hold back information that can help someone else. I know that many people feel like I share a lot on social media, but I don't. So when I was approached by Travis Gorsch of Front Office Sports he asked me a lot of questions about my journey in sports and how did I get started. I didn't think anyone cared to know how a housewife created a sports blog that turned into a sports media company with a team of 6 people. I am so grateful to share my story and you can visit their website to read more about me & Fans Favorite Fan:

Follow them on Twitter: @FrntOfficeSport

Thursday, September 10, 2015

@FansFavoriteFan x @KuntryKidz support Southern Miss #SMTTT

I was honored to work with two team members, Kenya Nolan & Connie Irvin, from Fans Favorite Fan who drove from Atlanta, Georgia to Hattiesburg, Mississippi to volunteer with as they worked a concession stand during the University of Southern Mississippi vs. Mississippi State University College Football game on September 5th. It was the hardest work ever and we really enjoyed the experience.

Please visit Fans Favorite Fan for more about our #FanExperience

Friday, September 4, 2015

#FlashbackFriday 10 year Anniversary of #HurricaneKatrina

When we were featured in the AJC about how we moved to ATL after Hurricane Katrina
Thanks Ernie Suggs 

I was suppose to submit this to my cousin Greg for a feature on a blog but couldn't get the words out then. I had so much anxiety to deal with when I returned from Florida after being with Sean B that I just needed to rest. I slept but still had nightmares about how we were once homeless and were ignored during one of the most catastrophic events near the Gulf of Mexico. One thing about me I do not like is being ignored and dealing with how the state of Mississippi was ignored during Hurricane Katrina. It hurt and still does. We had some of the same issues many dealt with in New Orleans and I try really hard not to be bitter or angry about it.

Why do people dislike the state of Mississippi so much? It isn't fair to ignore their citizens. I will never forget what happened on the day that #HurricaneKatrina hit and the months afterwards. I was set to move back to Atlanta around August 2005 but this changed everything. I ended up homeless and was able to find shelter with up to six other families right after giving birth to Sean B in June 2005. Imagine this: A new mother, failed engagement, dreams on mute, single, working a part-time job making less than $300 a month and trying to figure out how in the world I was going to provide for my son and I. 

#HurricaneKatrina brings up so many negative nightmares and positive moments where I say, "I made it through!" The nightmares come when I feel like I am ignored. The nightmares come when I feel like I am not in control of what is going on in my life. So here comes ANXIETY! Living with my Bipolar disorder I am able to work through episodes and mood swings holistically & naturally now, but when the remembrance of this moment in my life comes back up I want to retreat from all things human and be left alone. 

There are still many in the state of Mississippi dealing with lack of funding and proper resources to get back to their homes and a normal way of life for them. Many homes were flooded out and many people had to move in order to create a better quality of life. I wasn't able to leave Mississippi until May 2007 and I haven't looked back. I went back to school and I worked 3 jobs so that I would not see my son & I in a situation like that every again even if it is beyond my control. This gave me a sense of who I am and the mother I wanted to be.  So many things have been birthed because of this horrible event, but I am finally able to say more than just, "Forget Hurricane Katrina," when I am asked about it. I am sure I will write in depth one day what went on for us and the McGilberry family in Ellisville, Mississippi who helped us during this time.

There are just some things you aren't meant to forget because you are able to see progress in your life and reflect on how to stay focused on where you are headed. God truly continues to cover me with his grace & favor and I am forever grateful for that. I will continue to make it through and I will continue to share my voice & testimony.