Sunday, August 30, 2015

#BlendedFamilyMatters First week of School #SeanB

Many of you that follow me on social media saw where I had to make a decision about Sean B's personal growth and development. He asked me one day when he was younger, "When will I be able to live with my dad?" and my reply was, "Whenever the time comes I will know". Sean has dealt with a lot in seeing me transition from a single parent into a blended family and from public school to private school. Sean has also dealt with a few issues that as a mother just loving him will not be enough to help him get through it. If I truly love him them I am able to understand that at this time in his life he needs his father.

So we made a good transition from Summers with Dad to a temporary school year with his dad and his family. I have to thank his father's wife Nancy for her patience and her understanding throughout this process. This decision was not decided in a day nor a week but because we communicate we all knew when this time would come. It doesn't mean I failed him at all or that I wasn't capable of meeting Sean's needs. It means that during Co-Parenting we are able to come together and decide on what our child needs and look past insecurities and fears in order to provide for him. With that being said take a look a few pics I didn't post on social media and let me know if you have any thoughts on #BlendedFamilyMatters and #CoParenting.

First Day of School at his new school & we were both nervous 

Nancy (his Stepmother) and his sister Amiya in her class on the first day of school

He is growing up y'all!!!!

Sending Images back home to the rest of the Family #BlendedFamilyMatters

His first breakfast at his new school
I will always walk with you son even if I cannot be there physically

Car Rider pickup!!!

His little sister Amiya has so much personality and Im happy she gets to be around him more. Christopher truly loves all of his siblings and I just know the demand for road trips will be high on his list. LOL #BlendedFamilyMatters

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