Monday, May 4, 2015

Give me MEAUX!

One of the great things I love applying to my body after a great bath or shower is body butters! I just found out that someone I knew growing up and who is also one of my favorite #NFLwives, Morrisa Jenkins, has created her own line of natural hair & skin products.

I support body butter & oil companies Belle Butters and Orange Moon Beauty Each company has different products that are not mixed together the same way. So it is great to add into rotation another line of body butters like 

NOW... I bought sample sizes of the top four hair & body butters that I wanted to try. Let me share which one is my #FansFavorite:

Introducing GLEAUX BODY BALM!!!
Literally it feels like how it looks! So creamy & bronze! One thing I noticed is it didn't stain my clothing and some of my shea butter oils I already use do. 
When you have a chance go check out

I am in a giving spirit! So go get YOURS!