Sunday, March 8, 2015

#SundayFunday with a MASTER BUILDER

Anyone that knows my two youngest sons knows that they love LEGOS! 
You will find random pieces all over our house and my husband screaming,
Well I have a new found respect for those little toys and the little people who love them.

We were given the opportunity to visit Legoland Discovery Center Atlanta today and my boys had the most amazing experience. We've been to Legoland before but to actually meet a Master Builder and do the things they did today really shocked them. 
Of course Christopher had to take a picture with BATMAN!

Master Builder Academy is in SESSION!
Christopher paid attention for about two minutes but Sean B was all into it!

Their faces today were priceless! They didn't stop smiling at all!

Master  Model Builder Aries Viera giving the boys & others direction!

Learning about how Legos are Made really excites Christopher!

I shared a random newspaper with Sean B and it had Master Model Builder Aries Viera's story in it. I made Sean B search for the article and he found it on his own.
He asked me, "So you are telling me that this guy makes legos all day long and that is his job? Like he's a HUMAN MASTER BUILDER?"
I told him that he would have to wait to ask him that. He did. He was amazed that someone older than him enjoyed LEGOS that much.
He walked away saying, "I can do that Mom. I know I can."

My children motivate me!

I am motivated to share experiences with them and teach them things no one took the time to teach me.
Today they taught me something.
I tend to rush them and tell them to be quiet when actually they need to take their time and speak when they want too.
I will do my part as a parent to motivate them accordingly but I learned a lot just by watching them today with the Master Model Builder himself.
#SundayFunday was AWESOME!


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