Thursday, February 26, 2015

ThrowBack: Anniversary Style!

Marriage is not easy. Marriage is a commitment between two people before God. Marriage is something you work on and continue to build upon the foundation you created together. I noticed in my own Marriage that I was losing myself and I became very unhealthy. My energy was off, weight up, and I had a hard time understanding my role. FINALLY, I embraced it and I understood what would make me happy. You can see our faces from our First Year anniversary trip to Barbados to this year celebrating my 31st birthday. EVOLUTION
 I am thankful for my journey and it was a process. Even my husband has seen a difference in how I carry myself and how I've adapted to change. I've overcome so many things in my life that I owed it to myself to find ME again. I found HER. I am never losing HER AGAIN. NOPE. NOT EVER!
Picture on Left: 2012 in Barbados
Picture on Right: 2015 in Atlanta for my Birthday celebration
Thank you Babe!

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