Sunday, February 15, 2015

The LOVE Day & Night

SO I am one of those lucky wives who gets to celebrate Valentine's day one week and the next week our Wedding Anniversary. Did we plan that? No. But I WILL NOT complain! DOUBLE GIFTSSSSS! LOL!

But seriously, while we were dating I gave Valentine's day to him and kept that going once we got married (4 years on the 19th). He does so much for our #BlendedFamilyMatters that I don't mind being self-less on a day that a woman looks for extra romance & gifts. Oh let's not forget the actual Men's Valentine's day, MARCH 14th, he gets that too! LOL!

When you are trying to take a picture of US and BAE not looking... SMH LOL!

This year I took him to Top Golf in Alpharetta. OMG it was so far from our house! LOL! Can't wait until it opens in Atlantic Station. He really enjoyed it and said, "This is like Bowling but for GOLF!" Then I treated him to another movie (yes we saw 50 Shades of Grey but that was the night before at CineBistro) Kingsman: The Secret Service! That movie was amazing!

Then we did what he likes to do: PROGRESSIVE DINING! We went from Frank Ski's Lounge to White Oak Kitchen to Sivas. White Oak was the highlight of that experience and Sivas was a great time. 

One of the last views of the entire day (without KIDS!) was the King & Queen towers off of Interstate 400 lit up for Valentine's Day! 
Last year we couldn't sneak off and do anything special so we incorporated the kids in what we did. 
This year thankfully this year it was different and we were able to have a 

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