Saturday, December 28, 2013

#MagnaCartaWorldTOUR #EPICFAIL in ATL

See. Now you all should know that our Date Nights somehow end up in an arena for a concert! WE LOVE MUSIC! But considering I had a car accident the week before I was limited in my enjoyment!
Anyway, on to the concert review! Let's just say that JAYZ was great for the ONE HOUR he performed! He came out at 930p and then said, "THANK YOU ATL GOODNIGHT!" at 1030p. When no one moved to leave he decided to come back out to ENCORE (how fitting) and then he did 30 minute shout outs to fans in the crowd, mentioned that BEYONCE was there, and did two more songs but only half of a verse from each....... MY REACTION: -_-
I was so disappointed and just felt like he should've sold the albums and not have a tour.
Drake gives you all of his one-liners, his hit chorus lines and his album performance!
The showmanship that JAY-Z lacked was pitiful and seriously I could've stayed at home for all of that! Just my thoughts but overall Hubby made my night better and I am always grateful for that!

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