Monday, December 30, 2013

Born To Compete #SportsGala #YouthLeagueSports

I had the wonderful opportunity of working with BORN TO COMPETE this past football season. I have learned a lot from everyone there and at the closing of the season I was able to help give out awards at the #SportsGala at Park Tavern here in Atlanta, Georgia. I was able to see past B2C award winners come back and present awards to some of the young players today. Alex and Sharaye from Born To Compete have created such a loving environment that these youth and rec league teams can grow and their fans & families can love. It was BEAUTIFUL! I just really enjoyed being there. Can't wait to see what next season will bring!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

#MagnaCartaWorldTOUR #EPICFAIL in ATL

See. Now you all should know that our Date Nights somehow end up in an arena for a concert! WE LOVE MUSIC! But considering I had a car accident the week before I was limited in my enjoyment!
Anyway, on to the concert review! Let's just say that JAYZ was great for the ONE HOUR he performed! He came out at 930p and then said, "THANK YOU ATL GOODNIGHT!" at 1030p. When no one moved to leave he decided to come back out to ENCORE (how fitting) and then he did 30 minute shout outs to fans in the crowd, mentioned that BEYONCE was there, and did two more songs but only half of a verse from each....... MY REACTION: -_-
I was so disappointed and just felt like he should've sold the albums and not have a tour.
Drake gives you all of his one-liners, his hit chorus lines and his album performance!
The showmanship that JAY-Z lacked was pitiful and seriously I could've stayed at home for all of that! Just my thoughts but overall Hubby made my night better and I am always grateful for that!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

*Merry Christmas 2013*

I pray that all of you had a wonderful Christmas and remember the reason for the season! I was very happy to see my children smile before the presents and after opening them. They understand that JESUS is the reason and that we are blessed to be together as a family!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Congrats to Kadeem Wallington #CobbSeniorBowl #FansFavoriteFAN

I am very proud of Kadeem Wallington who represented Marietta High School  in the Cobb Senior Bowl game! I was unable to attend the game because I was in another accident on the day before (I KNOW & IT WAS NOT MY FAULT, AGAIN) but I was there in spirit!
TO see Kadeem shine so brightly on the field this year was electrifying! He is one of the silent gems in College Recruiting that some universities may miss!
I hope that he will play on the next level and if he does that university will be LUCKY!

Check out his Highlights here: Kadeem Wallington

Sunday, December 15, 2013

GHSA Championship 2013 #FansFavoriteFAN edition

Every year I look forward to the Georgia High School State Football Championship games! I usually go both days and stay all day long! This year I couldn't but I made it to both games to see two high school teams I have been covering this season.

Tucker High had to play Creekside High school and it's player they lost #DoitForDeuce. The spirit that Creekside played with against Tucker High was what took advantage of them late in the third quarter. The score of the game seems like a blow out but everyone that saw that game live or on television know that was not the case. Congrats to Creekside! Ya'll did it for DEUCE!

Every year Norcross High surprises me. I mean they have a team of athletes that graduate every year and yet they still end up in the State championship. They played against their county rival North Gwinnett and boy was the

Sunday, December 8, 2013


Every year I decide to bring a few guests (friends & associates) to my home to watch a #CollegeFootball game. So I thought it was awesome that
The Ohio State University was playing in the BIG TEN CHAMPIONSHIP!
I invited Ohio State Alumni and Michigan State Alumni and boy did the trash-talking begin.... This was an excellent game!
That's a part of the game though *shrugs*. Some times you WIN and some times you LOSE! Just keep playing... #FansFavoriteFAN

Monday, December 2, 2013

He Got GAME?!

I think it is hilarious that my youngest son will pick up a ball and start shooting! I will be with him shooting in the gym! LOL! I wonder if he will play any sports though???