Friday, November 15, 2013

@VitesseExchange Boutique Shoot x RIOUS DESIGN Photography

AHEM, AHEM... I still GOT IT!
Shooting with a Boutique that I worked with when I was modeling was a JOY!
It was like I never stopped Modeling and I did 8 wardrobe changes in less than 45 minutes!
**Those Workouts Are SHOWING some Nice Results**
To Purchase Clothing from @VitesseExchange Please go to:

Let's talk about the Photographer of this Shoot: RIOUS DESIGN aka SLIM!
I went to college with SLIM at Fort Valley State University. We had our own little clique that still keeps in touch today. Amazing how when he first started I told him NO. He pointed this out to me to remind me that he didn't get discouraged about wanting to work with me later on. When that day came HE WAS READY! I hoped that one day he would appreciate why I said NO and he does!
I am very proud of his growth and YOU have to see his work!

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