Saturday, October 26, 2013

Heroes Among US #IronMan #Thor at Stonecrest Mall

Have you ever gone into the Mall for one thing and ended up doing something else?? Well this is how my particular Saturday went. I was supposed to be going to LensCrafters for a new eye exam, (Yes I think my vision is off), and afterwards headed home to rest. WELL my son Sean had different plans.

As we were walking into LensCrafters he kept saying, "MOM, Iron Man and Thor are here. Can we see them?" I thought he was joking until after my eye exam, (Yes they confirmed my vision is off),  we walked right into a sign stating that they were in the mall at that time. So we walked all over the mall to find them and Iron Man was on stage by himself.

Sean signed a #NoBullying petition and we jumped in line. As we got closer to the front, THOR walked out! You would have thought we were at a music concert. The children went wild while I stood there trying to figure out how I could run away. LOL! Once we got closer the boys convinced me to be in the picture and we took a picture with Iron Man and Thor.

That day was about them, The #HeroesAmongUS, but it ended up being about me: THEIR MOM THE HERO!

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