Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween #ScandalHalloween

First of all let me thank the people that helped me become the character, OLIVIA POPE, from the hit show SCANDAL!
Hair by: LaShaundra from
MUA: Tierra
Styled by: Gregory @iamGFM

Let's discuss how big of a KERRY WASHINGTON fan I am! I love watching her evolution into the amazing actress she's become. She's now a wife and soon-to-be mother and I am elated about that aspect of her wife. She shows you that with hard work and diligence that you can have what you want in due time. I laughed at my cousin Gregory when he suggested that I become #OliviaPope for Halloween. It took a while to convince me and I had to figure out how to top being the #SunDropGirl last Halloween.
This did it! Everyone love it and I had my own #Gladiators that were Ninja Turtles for Halloween.

What did you guys think of the costume and what were you for Halloween?


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