Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mississippi Dixie Youth Team visits ATL on the way to the WORLD SERIES in Seneca, South Carolina

The Dixie Youth Mississippi State Champions from Hattiesburg, MS (14 yr old team) at
Turner Field for the Atlanta Braves vs. Colorado Rockies baseball game

Hubby, Christopher & HOMER

Christopher & I enjoying the Atlanta Braves game!

I was so proud to hear that my nephew Xavier Yancey & his teammates won the state championship in Mississippi and that they got a chance to go to the World Series in Seneca, SC. I didn't know how far that was from Lithonia but I knew they were stopping in Atlanta for a BRAVES game and I made it a Family Outing. We got our tickets on and met the boys there. It was exciting to see their faces and to participate in the pre-game festivities at Turner Field. I love the 755 club and I always have a great time at the Atlanta Braves game. Have you been to one this season? Check their schedule before the season is over!

GO to Atlanta Braves to see when you can catch a game!

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