Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Emerging Administrators Academy in Atlanta

It speaks volumes when someone that you admire and watch grow in the Industry that you want to work invites you to learn more about the Industry and see where you fit in. This is the case with the Emerging Administrators Academy that I was invited to attend on July 14-16th. Now I know that I was pushing myself that week because not only did I plan an event that weekend but I also agreed to be a Vacation Bible School teacher at my church, Big Bethel AME.
So I managed to attend this conference and boy was I rewarded with GREATNESS! I was able to meet some of the top Athletic Department Administrators of Various universities and colleges. I was also encouraged to stay on the path that I am on. When learning about the many factors that go into being an Athletic Department Director or staff member it did not discourage me.  It inspired me. I understand the process can be grueling and it calls for relocation a lot of times for your family. I cannot relocate. SO I was able to learn that my transition into the Sports Industry is happening the way it is supposed too. I am doing exactly what I want to do and I can consult some of these universities and college Athletic Departments on various things.
 Sometimes you have to place yourself in a room with people that may not know you and they may open doors that were shut.
Emerging AD attendees and I

Conference PicStitch
Paine College AD, Georgia State AD rep, Clark Atlanta Student, Myself, Former Clark Atlanta AD & Tulsa AD

Check out Emerging AD for information on the next conference!

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