Monday, May 13, 2013


Mrs. Arden Zinn & I at our favorite Nail Salon off N Druid Hills

So I did this 3 day cleanse of nothing but juices and the very next day I met the creator of Arden's Garden herself in a nail salon! LOOK AT GOD! The experience as a whole was electrifying as I lost over 8 lbs and my skin was clearer after 72 hours. I decided to cut my hair and decided to do something different with my nails that day. Little did I know that God would let the woman who created this cleanse and juices walk into the salon and I was OVERJOYED!
First of all, if you know me then you know that before I began this process that I laughed at the thought of JUICING and the benefits of it. So to challenge myself and my will power I decided to do this LOVE YOUR LIVER cleanse. Let's just say that for 72 hours I stayed in my house near a toilet. I WAS FULL OF IT! But I began to see the weight come off and I said that I knew I needed to change the way I was eating for good. This cleanse jump started my goal to being overall healthy by this fall.
I have been juicing everyday since the cleanse and I am thinking about doing it again mid-June. One of the amazing things we talked about when I met her was the fact that a friend of mine & I didn't like the fact that Arden's Garden didn't recycle. She said that she recalled a twitter conversation that hurt her business and it motivated her to find ways for her stores to RECYCLE. I informed her that it was my friend & I who created the conversation and urged some of it's customers to DEMAND the stores to recycle.
THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA I tell ya! But as we finished our conversation, she was so full of grace and extremely humble about her business and how she has helped a lot of people. I challenge you today to make a purchase from Arden's Garden or for you to try one of their cleanses!
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