Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Cost of OIL @ Saenger Theatre in Biloxi, MS

Sometimes God places where you NEED to be
The Saenger Theatre in Biloxi, Mississippi
I had to go home to Hattiesburg, Mississippi and tend to some MAJOR details for the "Cocktails for a Cause" event that will be happening there on March 22nd. This particular weekend was also the debut of the stageplay "The Cost of Oil" which featured my friend of 8 years Actor David Chapman. Now David told me about this play months before they even started to rehearse for it because he knew how crazy my schedule can be sometimes.
David is that friend that never judges you but will hold up a mirror and make you look into it. He was there for me when I was going to school for 24 credit hours and working three jobs while taking care of my one year old son at the time. He saw how I sacrificed nights out and hanging with friends to be where I am today. I finished school in a year & a half at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College and I had to say good bye to the GULF COAST because Atlanta, GA was waiting.
Me & Actor David Chapman... Can't wait to see him on the big screen!
Our friendship helped me get through one of the toughest times of my life and I thank David for that. It was only fitting that I show up (even though I busted my ass right outside of the theatre trying to run into the show on time) and support him and show him that I appreciated him.
HE WAS PHENOMENAL! It shocked me how talented he is because he NEVER brags about his acting skills nor does he wine about not having quality opportunities to showcase it around the Gulf Coast area. His execution was on point. You felt the passion of his character. He was charismatic on stage and when he came out for each one of his scenes you were anxious to see what he would do next. HE CAPTIVATED THE AUDIENCE MORE THAN THE MAIN ACTORS & ACTRESSES DID! That in itself is PHENOMENAL.

The Aunt & Uncle in this play were HILARIOUS

The husband who was cheating on his wife (Light-Skinned men STAY losing) LOL

The Best Scene (don't worry he didn't shoot)

After all this man did to her she still accomplished her dreams and found happiness

The Entire Cast

Actor David Chapman and his lovely Mother

You weren't there the night He found meYou did not feel what I feltWhen he wrapped his love all around me andYou don't know the cost of the oilIn my alabaster box


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