Friday, March 22, 2013


While we were visiting Savannah, Georgia we were able to have lunch at 
"The Olde Pink House"

This restaurant served some great southern food and STEWART'S! If you don't know about STEWART'S then you are missing out on LIFE

Anywho, The main reason why we went to the restaurant was to EAT! Yet when we were seated we were near a FAMILIAR FACE

Who is this you ask?? This is James Oglethorpe! A fellow classmate and I gushed about this man who we learned about while attending OGLETHORPE UNIVERSITY!
He settled in Savannah, GA in 1733. 
He helped found Georgia and his legacy is very important to us.

Ever heard of GRIT CAKES! Yeah me neither but THEY ARE GOOD!


You know I never turn down a cupcake

This place is the CAMI CAKES of Savannah. A little too rich but for that day I ATE WITH NO GUILT IN SIGHT! LOL

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