Wednesday, February 27, 2013

ColorBlind at Oglethorpe University

Thanks to my dear friend & fellow Oglethorpe Alum Michelle I was able to attend the #Colorblind Panel discussion at Oglethorpe University. I was truly impressed with the Panel which consisted my former professor Dr. Momon, Professor Nash and Dr. Chandler. To hear these three educated African-Americans addressing the small black population on campus was tremendously motivating. 
 What motivated me the most was that each panelist stated that you should find out who you are beyond your race & CELEBRATE THAT!
 The paintings to the right of this passage was done by various students and faculty members on campus placing their fingertips on the painting to complete this picture.

 As an Oglethorpe Alum it was amazing to see what has been happening on the campus since I left and I am proud of my fellow PETRELS!
What was beautiful to see was the President of Oglethorpe in the audience (in glasses & tan sweater) taking in the conversation and making sure that the students knew he cared. Thank you President Larry Schall for showing up.

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  1. I love out when alums support their Alma mater, especially on matters like this that effect and affect the entire campus microcosm.