Saturday, February 9, 2013

AWAREnails by @CristaltheGreat

One of my dear friends, Cristal Steverson, has truly created a product that showcases her passion. Each nail polish represents a specific cause or organization that she holds dear to her heart. People used to make fun of how our organization did our Annual Walk Season for various causes. This is a direct result of Cristal knowing that it is our job to GIVE back when we can and will find a way too.
Please support this wonderful nail polish line and know that she will be adding NEW colors through out the year.
Stay tuned because "BREAK OF DAWN" will be introduced during the month of MAY for MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS!
1981 (AIDS awareness), 36DD (Breast Cancer), Versatile coat, Diesel (Autism Awareness), GO (Trees for the Future)

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