Wednesday, February 27, 2013

ColorBlind at Oglethorpe University

Thanks to my dear friend & fellow Oglethorpe Alum Michelle I was able to attend the #Colorblind Panel discussion at Oglethorpe University. I was truly impressed with the Panel which consisted my former professor Dr. Momon, Professor Nash and Dr. Chandler. To hear these three educated African-Americans addressing the small black population on campus was tremendously motivating. 
 What motivated me the most was that each panelist stated that you should find out who you are beyond your race & CELEBRATE THAT!
 The paintings to the right of this passage was done by various students and faculty members on campus placing their fingertips on the painting to complete this picture.

 As an Oglethorpe Alum it was amazing to see what has been happening on the campus since I left and I am proud of my fellow PETRELS!
What was beautiful to see was the President of Oglethorpe in the audience (in glasses & tan sweater) taking in the conversation and making sure that the students knew he cared. Thank you President Larry Schall for showing up.

Monday, February 25, 2013

#SMWW: Sports Management World Wide Career Conference in INDIANAPOLIS

Who would've ever thought ONE conference would change my career path?? I am truly grateful for the experience of Sports Management WorldWide's Career Conference. The people I got to shake hands with and exchange information through networking has really change how I will approach the Sports Industry. I am still in transition but here are a few pics from my weekend in Indianapolis during the NFL Combine!
Russ Lande & I at #SMWW

Pittsburgh Steelers Will Johnson, ME & Detroit Lions Ross Weaver

Me & ESPN's Adam Schefter at #SMWW

The new head coach for the Chicago Bears MARC TRESTMAN

My Leopard made it to #SMWW

Mark Warkentein & I at #SMWW


Monday, February 18, 2013


The Headline reads on February 11, 2013:
Tornado tears through southern Mississippi

MY HEART STOPS! When was the last time I spoke with my family and did I tell them that I loved them?? YES I DID. I spoke to them the day before. BUT WAIT??? DID THE TORNADO HIT THEM?

Those were my thoughts immediately when I heard that the tornado hit Hattiesburg, Oak Grove and Petal, Mississippi. I began to pray and then I did something that I always do best: I TURNED TO TWITTER!

Over the next 48 hours, I was able to get donations taken to MY FAIR SWEETS on Northside Drive here in Atlanta, Georgia. Thanks to those who took the time to take their donations there we were able to put together 400 care packages, one thousand canned goods and clothing for women, men & children

Me & The Hattiesburg Police Department

My AUDI Q7 packed to the max full of donations for Hattiesburg, Petal & Oak Grove, MISSISSIPPI

My dear friend Nikki Byrom helped me with this, Bryon Wallington helped pack my truck the night before I left to go to Hattiesburg, @MYFAIRSWEETS gave us a donation space and my assistant/cousin Gregory Molette helped me coordinate my Social Media Campaign for my people back home in the Pine Belt Area.

I began to think, "HEY! They will need volunteers there. Let me see who I can get to come to Hattiesburg!" I was able to gather up a group of college athletes, alumni of the University of Southern Mississippi and we even had the opportunity of having NFL Saints player Malcolm Jenkins come down with his wife Morrisa help clean up.

It was a beautiful sight to see others come into town to clean up debris especially in the GOULA area of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The Samaritan's Purse was present helping those affected in various areas of Hattiesburg & Petal, Mississippi.

I want to take this time to personally thank those that RT'd, sent out text messages, donated goods & clothing and prayed for Hattiesburg, Oak Grove & Petal, Mississippi. I will never forget about those back home and although things are looking up the work is not over. I will be traveling back home around March 8th to take the next round of donations home.

If you wish to help with #HelpingThePineBELTMS please leave a comment with your email and you will be contacted!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

AWAREnails by @CristaltheGreat

One of my dear friends, Cristal Steverson, has truly created a product that showcases her passion. Each nail polish represents a specific cause or organization that she holds dear to her heart. People used to make fun of how our organization did our Annual Walk Season for various causes. This is a direct result of Cristal knowing that it is our job to GIVE back when we can and will find a way too.
Please support this wonderful nail polish line and know that she will be adding NEW colors through out the year.
Stay tuned because "BREAK OF DAWN" will be introduced during the month of MAY for MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS!
1981 (AIDS awareness), 36DD (Breast Cancer), Versatile coat, Diesel (Autism Awareness), GO (Trees for the Future)

Friday, February 8, 2013

United as ONE gospel Tour

Me, Gospel Artist James Fortune & my friend Camille at the United As One Tour

Thanks to Bishop Bronner and his Christian family at Word of Faith my dear friend & I were able to enjoy a FREE gospel concert that featured two of my favorite artists.

Kierra Sheard, VaShawn Mitchell, James Fortune & Zacardi Cortez
were the amazing artists that performed!

This same evening my favorite R&B artist Dwele was in concert as well. I was unable to attend that concert so I went to see JESUS!
And BOY did he SHOW UP & OUT!
Sometimes you desire to be in one spot but GOD makes sure that you have the opportunity to be where HE needs you to be!

I enjoyed the music, the lyrics and fellowshipping with complete strangers not questioning MY PRAISE!
Make sure that you check these artist coming to a city near you


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Black History in Southern Mississippi

The University of Southern Mississippi has named Dr. Rodney Bennett their 10th president.
This is truly an amazing feat for the state of Mississippi as the five predominatly white universities have never had a black president. He is currently the Vice President of Student Affairs at the University of Georgia.
I have to say that I am most proud of the college board that elected him and looked past his skin color. He has degrees from Middle Tennessee State University and Tennessee State University.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Running Back Alvin Kamara signed with the University of Alabama today & his biggest fan Sean B was there to see it!

Running Back Alvin Kamara & his family as he signed his letter of National Intent to ALABAMA: ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!
Today is just one of those days that you remember why you love College Football the most.
The passion, the hardwork, the families, the coaching staff and the players that give their all in their respective sports.
I was blessed to watch a young man that I have followed for two years in GA high school football sign his NLI to Alabama.
Sweet Jesus the emotions that came over me!
There is always a process that every athlete will endure and it helps prepare them for the next level. National Signing Day is a part of that process. How you deal with this day shows your true character and your ability to prepare for your future.
How did your favorite Universities do on National Signing Day??
My BUCKEYES are straight & we inked VONN BELL!
So who are you wit??

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Atlanta Symphony: Wine & Good Music!

Lord knows I love music & my best friend Camille treated me to a wonderful evening of it. Ever since I've been in Atlanta it has been a goal of mine to attend the Symphony. Of course, I got in trouble for taking pictures but that's what I DO!
My late Uncle Kimball took me to see an Orchestra the first time when I was 13. I began to learn more about how soothing & therapeutic the music could be.
I have fallen back in love with it again and I have to thank my dear friend.
Have you checked out the Atlanta Symphony yet??