Monday, November 26, 2012

THE ULTIMATE RIVALRY: 20 years later

The Ohio State University vs. Michigan University

About 20 years ago, a father took his daughter to her first college football game. They dressed up in Scarlet & Grey and headed towards the stadium. Little did this young girl know that her love for College Football would meet her at the BLOW OF A WHISTLE! She was in awe of seeing the game in person!

The yelling, the passion, the love, along with the sharpness of the school colors created a visual that she would never forget. Her love grew stronger as each quarter went by and she began to learn more about the game when the game was over.
This little girl was ME

I got a chance to go back to The Ohio State University and enjoy this game with my Mother on the day that would have been my father's 58th birthday.

My Team won and I had the chance to witness it again! To God be the GLORY!


I am embracing a new chapter where I am changing careers and going after my Master's Degree in Sport Management. This game and experience gave me everything I needed to be motivated to P.U.S.H. forward!

The Buckeyes are my Team!

I love College Sports!

Thanks to my father Dillet Montgomery, Rest in Peace!


  1. Hey Dawn, I love how you bring awareness to mental health. Your a great wife, mother, and all around good spirit. Keep up the good work! IG:Lovely_shadora

  2. I feel like I've known u all my life. Lol kinda stockerish but I follow u on IG and u are so open about your life and everyone in it. You are an inspiration to women like me that are coping with mental health. Thank you :-) IG:woodsnikki

  3. Confession: My husband was a little bit crushed after that victory. He's a Michigan fan.
    Confession #2: I have no idea what's going on during football games. I do like their butts. So there's that.

  4. I always enjoy your posts. Keep them coming!! IG:janieelise