Thursday, November 29, 2012

#1standFlirty with #JerseyGirlSports

Had a wonderful Thursday evening out at @FINSatlanta lounge with other women who love sports! We got a chance to have a #Battleofthesexes with other men in the room as we watched the Atlanta Falcons whoop up on the New Orleans Saints!
My Husband & I
In my wonderful Broncos gear by @gii_4her on Instagram for WOMEN
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Cheat Sheet

Not only did the Falcons WIN but the LADIES WON the #BattleoftheSexes!
Check out my dinner for the evening: Turkey Burger, Sweet Potato fries and Kale


Monday, November 26, 2012

THE ULTIMATE RIVALRY: 20 years later

The Ohio State University vs. Michigan University

About 20 years ago, a father took his daughter to her first college football game. They dressed up in Scarlet & Grey and headed towards the stadium. Little did this young girl know that her love for College Football would meet her at the BLOW OF A WHISTLE! She was in awe of seeing the game in person!

The yelling, the passion, the love, along with the sharpness of the school colors created a visual that she would never forget. Her love grew stronger as each quarter went by and she began to learn more about the game when the game was over.
This little girl was ME

I got a chance to go back to The Ohio State University and enjoy this game with my Mother on the day that would have been my father's 58th birthday.

My Team won and I had the chance to witness it again! To God be the GLORY!


I am embracing a new chapter where I am changing careers and going after my Master's Degree in Sport Management. This game and experience gave me everything I needed to be motivated to P.U.S.H. forward!

The Buckeyes are my Team!

I love College Sports!

Thanks to my father Dillet Montgomery, Rest in Peace!

Friday, November 23, 2012

2002-2003 Fiesta Bowl Champions from The OHIO STATE University

My Mother, ME & Mike Doss

Antonio Smith, My Mother & Chris Conwell

Donnie Nickey!

Thanks to ONE TWEET I made to @Mike2Doss, My mother and I were able to attend an exclusive event that the 2002-2003 National Championship team was having at the Buckeye Grill for their 10 year reunion!
My Mom got a chance to wear one of the Championship rings 
(and everyone their said they didn't sell any of their rings,LOL)
We met Mike Doss along with Donnie Nickey who made sure I got proper service at the bar since I had to wait 20 minutes for a BEER!
Later that evening we went to the after party at SWAY in Columbus, OHIO and enjoyed more music, fun, food & the champions!
What a way to start off our trip! After 12 hours of driving and hoping off the road going straight to the event, I WAS HAPPY!

Roy Hall with my Mother & I

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Model Kearia Diggs & MakeUp Artist Jeremy Dell

 When I say that I've had the chance to work with THE BEST in this INDUSTRY I am not lying! You better check my resume! LOL! I am very proud of a dear friend and my amazing Makeup Artist Jeremy Dell. He recently teamed up with an amazing model that I admire, Kearia Diggs, and they showed OUT at the 4th Annual Fantasy Makeup Competition by Kissable Lips Cosmetics. I worked with Michelle from Kissable Lips Cosmetics and her products are great!

You add a great product+AMAZING MODEL+PHENOMENAL MakeUp Artist= and you get the GRAND PRIZE WINNER of the event! Congrats JEREMY!!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My God daughter LAILA

I have been blessed to become a mother, then a wife, and then a mother/stepmother in that order. Life doesn't happen the way you think it should but there are many reasons why God works the way he does. A great friend of mine, Kijonna Roe, told me that she wanted me to be Laila Marie's God mother. The first thing I thought was, "UMMMM WHY??" LOL! I was terrified. I have two boys and here you go putting a girl in my life on top of my beautiful teenage stepdaughter.

She reminded me of how supportive we've been of each other through our lives and that it takes a village to raise a child. Little did we know that LAILA needed that village that her mother was creating around her. Laila was born prematurely and suffered many complications during her birth. She was born April 26, 2012 weighing at 1 pound and 6 ounces. IMAGINE THAT! Imagine the pain I felt for someone that I couldn't endure their pain for them. RIGHT THEN SHE WAS MY OWN.

I could encourage KJ but I wanted to ease all of her pain. LAILA is stronger than ever and we just celebrated her christening. The photos above are here on the day she was christened and she is doing great. LAILA reminds me of how I strong we have to be in silence and how our actions can change the lives of those around us. Please help me support her and other babies that endure a battle everyday at:

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ryan Cameron Foundation 5th Annual Youth Health Fair

We enjoyed this Health Fair with other parents and children at South DeKalb Mall here in Georgia! There was free diabetes, cholesterol and other health testings for adults & kids. There were various events surrounding the Health Fair, and we enjoyed working out while attending the event! For more information check out: