Saturday, September 15, 2012


It is something about the month of September that calms me. It is not the cool weather. It is not the brisk wind. It is the sound of a whistle to let AMERICA know that it is time for COLLEGE FOOTBALL. One of the greatest gifts my father gave to me was my love for FOOTBALL. I always favored College Football because of the competition but as long as I hear that whistle I AM GAME!

Now to break down where my love goes during Football season is always tough to explain. Folks criticize my loyalties but they are MINE! I know why I favorite a school or pro team and why I do not. Let me explain:


What can I say!? I LOVE YOU! Seeing a Michigan vs. Ohio State game for the first time at a young age can change a girl's life. Some of the greatest college players and coaches have been a part of this university. The rivalry between Michigan & Ohio State intrigued me and always showed me that there is just a certain passion in College football that's not in the Professional league. 


ROLL DAMN TIDE! <----- Every time I think of BAMA I hear a Southern fan screaming this at the top of their lungs! It is contagious. I am not a fan of the SEC conference but it is very dominant in College Football. You have to give respect where it is due. So in that sense I had to pick a team I could root for and it has been Alabama. Alabama has played Ohio State twice before in the 1978 Citrus Bowl & the 1995 Citrus Bowl. So there is some history there.


SOUTHERN MISS TO THE TOP--- SMTTT! This home! This is where I learn more about the game. This is where I was raised. Who else could I trust with my love of College Football?? I even dated a player from Southern Miss but that's another story. LOL! But I love the Golden Eagles even though the Conference USA doesn't get that much love in return.

So as you can see my FIRST LOVE was a bit complicated, but it all started with a whistle. College Football is a part of my life and it is the primary reason why I am returning to school to get my Master's Degree in Sports Management. So watch out now... This will lead to something!


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