Thursday, September 6, 2012

FNO... Fashion's NIGHT out in LA

Every Year I venture out to a CITY to experience FNO! This year I went to Los Angeles and flew back home on a red-eye flight just for this wonderful time! Fashion's Night Out is a time for you to get some of the greatest discounts while supporting your favorite designers!
I got the chance to meet my favorite designers from
LNA Clothing, Lauren & April!
They are truly two of the sweetest women I have ever met in this Industry & I love their clothing. I am a Southern chick who loves a great tee with leggings or a pair of fitted jeans.
LNA Clothing has a wonderful range of basic tees, sweaters and hoodies! Every season they are coming up with new ways to recreate your basics in your closet.

Photo by mississippidawn1

I cried when I met them & they even created a one-of-a-kind creation in front of me! I truly enjoyed FNO in LA and I can't wait until next year to see where I will go. NEW YORK-Check! LA-Check! Where to next???

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