Thursday, May 3, 2012

Great BOOK Alert! #mentalhealth

Now when I first met Chamique Holdsclaw she was sitting and laughing with friends. I got a chance to secretly see how she is low-key, no basketball court and with no cameras around. Her spirit is radiant and even though she tries to shy away from attention her laughter draws you in. When I first heard of her book I pre-ordered it and waited for it to hit my door step. I will not go into specific details, but TRUST me when I say that if you purchase this book you will not be disappointed.
Chamique's life and battle with depression has me looking inside of myself and seeing what I can share with the world. Stay tuned for my own book that I will birth due to the birthing of this amazing book! BREAKING THROUGH is a MUST READ!
You can purchase her book on and make sure you follow her on twitter @Chold1...
Thank Me Later

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