Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hear MY CALL!!!!!!!!


Depression.... Suicide....

Murder.... Depression.... Suicide.....

Here I am again... Asking questions... waiting to be moved. I know when to reach for HELP when I needed it. My thoughts are sometimes not my thoughts and I know that the DEVIL is busy trying to make me suffer. I have everything that I could ever imagine but my illness tries to takeover my life. My husband is a strong man who deals with the symptoms that trouble his mentally-ill wife. My children question what they don't understand, and look at me puzzled when I cannot get out of bed.

I have my support system. Everybody is not your friend and some folks love seeing you suffer. I know I cannot give up on what my goals are and why I want to LIVE. I cannot believe that on this day I had to hear about two people committing suicide and then a murder-suicide that was caused by domestic violence. You cannot judge why these people did what they did. What you can do is find out how you can keep the next person from taking their own life!

People think because I have it ALL that I don't need a friend to say, "How are you feeling? What's been going on?" I found that I was doing that so much and caring about others that when I went through depression before having my son NONE OF MY FRIENDS WERE THERE. When I suffered through PostPartum Depression my husband held my hand and he kept me close through that difficult time. Now in addition to all of that I still dealt with my Bipolar Episodes and my every day life.

You never know what someone is going through. If you know a friend is in a hurtful relationship whether it is their mate harming them or them harming themselves SPEAK UP! SHOW YOU CARE! Yes you may hear, "This ain't none of your business!" or my favorite, "LEAVE ME ALONE!" but this is a CRY in itself. If you care for someone you want to give your ALL and show them that you want to help. I want the black community to be willing to say that MENTAL ILLNESSES are real and it is a problem in our community that we need to RECOGNIZE!

Stop ignoring your sister, brother, lover and friend who may be battling their emotions. Some people wonder why I tweet a lot. Well it tends to be a form of therapy for me. I do light and art therapy as well as see someone that I can talk to outside of my marriage. I thank God that I have figured out a way to manage my illness. Now I have to help someone else.

What are the risk factors for suicide?

Research shows that risk factors for suicide include:
  • depression and other mental disorders, or a substance-abuse disorder (often in combination with other mental disorders). More than 90 percent of people who die by suicide have these risk factors.
  • prior suicide attempt
  • family history of mental disorder or substance abuse
  • family history of suicide
  • family violence, including physical or sexual abuse
  • firearms in the home, the method used in more than half of suicides
  • incarceration
  • exposure to the suicidal behavior of others, such as family members, peers, or media figures.
However, suicide and suicidal behavior are not normal responses to stress; many people have these risk factors, but are not suicidal. Research also shows that the risk for suicide is associated with changes in brain chemicals called neurotransmitters, including serotonin. Decreased levels of serotonin have been found in people with depression, impulsive disorders, and a history of suicide attempts, and in the brains of suicide victims.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Help is on the way!!!! I am still here.

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  1. It's so weird that I run into your article. Ive been battling depression all by myself. Been praying and trying to "shake it off". Told my brother which made me feel better. He in turn told my mother and she blew it off. This hurts. Not to the point of suicide, I just want a peace of mind. Thanks for sharing and thanks for being so transparent.