Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The BEST HairStylist in ATLANTA!

HairStylist Danie & her Model on the CLAIROL stage at Bronner Bros
 I have to show love to my closest friend & wonderful hairstylist Danie Wilks! Danie entered the Clairol Beautiful Collection Color Challenge for a chance to win an on-stage appearance with the Clairol team. She put together a plan to help her win the contest and I must say she was destined to WIN!

Image by MikeDesigns!
She set up a shoot with Photographer Michael Cooke from MikeDesigns!, MUA Chelsea Lately, and I gave all I had modeling wise to the project! The images from the shoot were spectacular and Danie (@I_Am_Danie) kept speaking her WIN into existence.  She was later confirmed as a semi-finalist and now it was time for to get ready for the BRONNER BROS HAIR SHOW!

Danie speaking to the audience at Bronner Bros!
 She started a process where she began to familiarize herself with Clairol products and she began using them on her clients. Danie has always loved using COLOR on her clients so to those of us close to her we knew this was a WIN for her!

When Danie's WIN was announced on Twitter by one of our closest friends Deidra Brown (@JustDeidra) you could see the joy in our TWEETS! In an Industry where a lot of people are known just because of the people they work with or because they have put "Celebrity" in front of their professions, Danie has shown you that HARD WORK, PATIENCE, HUMBLENESS, and TALENT will get you further in life. She is well on her way and if you don't know who she is then you should slap yourself! Check out http://www.iamdanie.com/ and set up an appointment today with a WINNING hairstylist at Spoiled Opulence here in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Image Danie submitted to CLAIROL's Beautiful Collection Competition
By: MikeDesigns!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Naomi Sims was considered "The FIRST African-American Supermodel" in the Fashion Industry

Naomi Sims was born in Oxford, Mississippi... She went to school at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC while also taking night classes in psychology at NYU

Naomi Sims dealt with racial prejudices and she went directly to fashion photographers to get noticed since agencies would not recognize her!

Iman tweeted to me the other day that, "Naomi Sims is her style ICON!"
Naomi Sims 1993 GAP campaign Ad

Naomi Sims out and about in NY

Naomi Sims died of Breast Cancer back in August 2009... We will never forget you!

Break... Break DOWN

Photography by Amadi Phillips
Today I had a Nervous Breakdown... Nothing dealing with my disorder, but it was all emotional and related to my scholastic studies. I put so much work into completing assignments... I put so much time and effort into showing those around me that I care... But sometimes I forget about myself. This week has REALLY taught me A LOT and I must say that I LOVE LOVING ME!

Loving me is what I tend to forget when I want to make sure that those around me are happy. They sure aren't worried about my happiness... hell they are envious of what I have. Truth be told: YOU SHOULD NEVER BE ENVIOUS! You don't know how many broken relationships I've been through to be where I am... You don't know how many men have taken advantage of my trust and love in order for me to appreciate a good man when I see him... You don't know what type of childhood I had to endure in order to remain positive on how bright my future may be... YOU DONT KNOW YOU WERENT THERE YOU DONT KNOW WHEN AND YOU DONT KNOW WHERE....

God brought me this far and I refuse to turn back.... I have read some self-help books, spent time with my family, and tried to bring myself back to normal through this sickness I've endured through the week... STOP COMPLAINING about what you don't have and READ A BOOK about how you can acquire more! STOP BEING NEGATIVE and showing the world that you are childish in the way you think socially... JUST STOP IT... And watch how YOUR life will change! Trust me... I AM LOVING MINE!

It takes a break down & a great cry to realize that you were given those thoughts so that you can appreciate what is happening NOW! My Countdown officially begins in the morning and I could care less what someone thinks because from here my future is MIGHTY BRIGHT.... God is shining a light on my path and I know where I am headed!

Friday, February 11, 2011



Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak from power on Friday after 30 years of one-man rule

Read more: http://www.financialpost.com/related/topics/Mubarak+steps+down/4264307/story.html#ixzz1DgsH4tV6
Read more:
It has been said that the State of Mississippi will offer CIVIL WAR commemorative license tags over the next five years. One of them will honor a KKK Klan Grand Wizard General Forrest (Tennessee native).

Today some of the license tag supporters were on horses riding through a Black History Parade with their REBEL flags in Mississippi and they were guarded by police...

This just in from @clarionledger (Mississippi Newspaper) that the parade may have been associated with the DIXIE NATIONAL RODEO!  I will keep you informed!


Lee Alexander McQueen, Rest In Peace

Photographer/Videographer Nick Knight's tribute to Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen

Photographer/Videographer Nick Knight made a tribute video in honor of the late Alexander McQueen... "To Lee, With Love, Nick"..... Knight is known for championing Black Models and this 3 minute tribute has a cast of Black models only. Photographer Nick Knight also shot the "All Black" issue of Italian Vogue in July, 2008.

Alexander McQueen took his own life a week after his mother passed away. The note he left behind said, "Look after my dogs, Sorry, I love you, Lee".... A genius of our generation gone too soon!


Monday, February 7, 2011



He'll BE IN the sKy :)

You can't see PAST MY SHADES... If you asked me what's on my MIND you probably wouldn't believe it... YOU CAN'T SEE PAST MY SHADES....

AIDS is silently killing our generation and erasing our youth's existence. This has to stop. There is so much that needs to be done... There is a lot more that needs to be said, but NO ONE IS LISTENING!

Mentally I battle my MIND every single day and I try to dissuade my thoughts. It does not help that I have to lose loved ones and no one seems to want to remember who they were... DID YOU FORGET?? Something took the man that told me he loved me... Something killed the spirit inside of him while he was encouraging me to think I was Miss America... Something was taking over his body while he was telling me I AM BEAUTIFUL! Something... JUST SOMETHING.... Tried to make me stop loving him even though I knew I could love him through the PAIN....

I miss you so much Uncle Kimball and I will never forget what you meant to me in my life... I just really wish you could be there when I walk down the aisle, when I walk across that stage, and when I embrace this new life that God has prepared for me... I cannot lie I am angry that you are gone but your beautiful spirit and your voice still lives within me...


Saturday, February 5, 2011


  I am not a student of fashion, nor am I considered a FASHIONISTA. But I am a MISSISSIPPIAN and I find it AWESOME that Designer Patrick Kelly never forgot where he came from. He was born in Vicksburg, Mississippi and it is historically beautiful that one of the best shoots I have ever done as a Model was with Mississippi Photographer Will Sterling in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

He attended Jackson State University on a scholarship and studied art history and African American history. After two years of college, he moved to Atlanta to further his career in the fashion industry. He had a friend suggest that he move to New York to get more recognition for his work. Designer Kelly moved to New York and enrolled at the in the prestigious Parsons School of Design. He worked part-time at Baskin Robbins and he sold his dresses to Models in New York. This same friend challenged him again to take his talents further.

PARIS was ready for Designer Patrick Kelly. He thrived in the city and he made a name for himself. His fashions were respected and loved and so was his Southern Charm. Designer Patrick Kelly was the First American and person of color to become a member of Chambre Syndicale du Prêt-à-Porter (the governing body of the prestigious French ready-to-wear industry). 
                              Designer Kelly died in Paris due to AIDS but his work and talent lives on. The Brooklyn Museum featured his work and called it "PATRICK KELLY: A RETROSPECTIVE!"


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Black History Month Feature- Vernon Ferdinand Dahmer, Sr.

Businessman & Civil Rights Leader in MS
 Vernon Ferdinand Dahmer, Sr.
Member of Hattiesburg, Mississippi Kelly Settlement area 
Defended his HOME & his Family from Gunfire and Firebomb Attack!

The Ku Klux Klan Fire-Bombed his Home w/ his family inside on  January 10, 1966

Vernon Ferdinand Dahmer, Sr in the hospital after the Explosion

Famous Quote: "If you don't Vote, You don't count!"