Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday & Small Business Saturday <---SUPPORT!

As you enjoy BLACK FRIDAY in stores or ONLINE (as I prefer) I want to inform you of a few small business websites that you should visit for your holiday purchases. I have a list of my favorite businesses & majority of them have CHARITY FINDS that they will make a small donation to with your purchase!


Donates BOOKS to Communities in need!
AWEARNESS 100% of net proceeds
go towards the fight against HIV & AIDS



Contact Designer Charles Lynch for your Custom Dress Today!

Contact Designer Sergio Hudson for your "Green Label" Dress

Make sure you visit Online Boutiques &
Keep me posted on what you will purchase! Tis the Season!!!


  1. @cakesandkream just posted the below tweets. I think she is talking to you:

    Everyone does not deserve to share your every relationship and emotion.
    6 minutes ago

    Stop prostituting private relationships for public acknowledgement.
    8 minutes ago

    I will NEVER go at someone who I consider a friend on social networking. However I will pick the phone up and go at it AMONG JUST US.
    12 minutes ago

    There is a difference between being transparent to reach others and exploitation. Learn the difference.
    16 minutes ago

    The same "general public" that you are airing your relationship problems out to are the same ppl who don't give one fcuk about you.
    22 minutes ago

    If you don't hold your family and mate close to your heart enough to avoid being judged by others on social networking u are a sucka.
    24 minutes ago

    I don't like how some of you exploit your emotions and relationship issues on social networking.
    25 minutes ago

  2. Whoever posted this please reveal yourself so I can tell you how retarded you are for posting something like this on my blog! Have a blessed year!