Thursday, October 13, 2011 CAPTION THIS!!!

Create the Captions for the Pictures above and
WIN this DEINERT Handbag from ALDO!


  1. Intelligent, self-motivating,sports and fitness FANATIC!

  2. Pic#1 Forget all other teams, my team is #1.
    Pic#2 Come see us at Greene Legal Group LLC, we have beautiful smiles!
    Pic#3 Training is effortless.
    Pic#4 Women enjoy sports too!

    Just my two cents!

  3. Pic#1 - "I know you didn't just say Lockout!"

    Pic#2 - "If you're looking in this area and haven't noticed the words, chances are you're really going to need a lawyer....and soon"

    Pic#3 - "If ya complanin', then ya ain't trainin'"

    Pic#4 - "Three men and the boss lady"

  4. Pic #1 "Hands down, WE got this!"
    Pic #2 "Where you need to be!"
    Pic #3 "All you have to do it, SHUT UP AND TRAIN!"
    Pic #4 "Time out! Listen up!"

  5. Pict #1 why be mean just smile and choose service that is
    Pict #2 here's to all the non buckeye fans
    Pict#3 timeout, who's the sexiest chick in the game
    Pict#4 black women DO workout so shut up and train

  6. Pic #1 "phuck nacho cheese, i'm a burger chick"
    Pic #2 "get your mammograms today"
    Pic #3 "is my butt too big"
    Pic #4 "honey let's roll play"

  7. Thanks everyone for participating & I've announced the winner on FACEBOOK & TWITTER! You have 2 hours to respond!

  8. I'm super late, but I want to play anyway.

    Pic #1 - "Dear NCAA, f-ck you pay me. Sincerely, Student Athletes."

    Pic #2 - "Save the planet. Go Greene!"

    Pic #3 - "The Power Of Beauty."

    Pic #4 - "Timeout! Let's give all these other models a second to catch up."