Thursday, September 22, 2011


The execution of Troy Davis has taught my family and I that here in America we ignore things until it is hot & trendy. I decided not to tweet until yesterday about my opinion on what was going on and how our community responded. The support was needed but it may have been too late. I remember taking my Criminal Law class and meeting Professor Aimee Maxwell. She changed my life. There were only two other professors at Oglethorpe University who I can say the same thing, Dr. Kendra King & Dr. Christopher Bass, but Professor Maxwell pulled rank!

Oglethorpe University Professor Aimee Maxwell, Executive Director of Georgia Innocence Project, (on right)

In any of her law classes, (I took them all), she challenged us to find a case that was happening now and to follow it. She showed us how to break the law down and see why certain laws were created through certain times. I remember when she introduced us to the Troy Davis case, and a fellow OU grad tweeted along with me, "We have been rallying for this man since then!"

We learned about The Georgia Innocence Project and we wanted to do more. I am not writing this post to bash anyone who was just informed on what has been happening over the past few years with this man. In his remembrance you owe it to him, now that you know, to follow a group of people that are fighting for the "Troy Davis's" of Georgia and of the world. Below are two links where you can do that and I ask that you personally reach out to my former Professor Aimee Maxwell for what she has done quietly for those that are innocent.

I don't mind that you care so passionately about what happened to this man yesterday, but what are you DOING to make sure that it doesn't happen again?

God bless America!

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