Thursday, August 11, 2011


David Banner said this in his recent interview on The Big Tigger Morning Show with Free. I have in a post below the video that shows James Craig Anderson being targeted and killed by white teens in Mississippi.

It is very important that AMERICA pays attention what is going on in our own backyards. We help the world when we can, but we tend to forget or overlook what is going on here. We have a Poverty Tour that seems to leave out other minorities, a DEBT Deal that only benefits the wealthy, and hidden skeletons that only seem to surface when a video arises.

I am from Mississippi. I am proud of it. I dare you to challenge why I love my home state, and why I am proud to speak on where I am from. I have dealt with my own racist encounters, and I have tough skin because of it.

Image by Allen Cooley MUA Jada

What I don't understand is how one simple-minded individual had the nerve to say negative things about my home state and it causes an UPROAR on social networks, yet a man dies due to hate and NO ONE CRIES OUT FOR HIM. WHAT IS WRONG WITH AMERICA??

David Banner also stated in his interview that he is one person. I am one person. This makes two of us trying to see why our generation will not SPEAK UP! WE HAVE TO DO BETTER

Please check out David Banner's interview at:

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