Monday, August 1, 2011

Spiritual Exercise: SHUT UP & PRAY!

While I am training myself to be more physically fit during the
30 Day Cardio Challenge,
 I will also dedicate more time and energy in my SPIRITUAL fitness.

When I pray and meditate that brings me closer to God. When I cry out to him and thank him for his grace & mercy that brings me closer to God. Reading and studying the bible strengthens my relationship with God. Having Faith and Trust in him helps my relationship with God.

Other ways to practice your faith is by loving & serving others. Be willing to confess your sins and be able to forgive others and yourself. CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS!

Have you taken the time to do these things regularly throughout your day?? Try using your social networks to become more SPIRITUALLY FIT. Don't just tweet or facebook your faith. PRACTICE WHAT YOU TWEET! LIKE WHAT YOU SAY! BELIEVE YOUR OWN WORDS! And watch how after 30 days the energy you put out has changed!

30 Day Cardio Challenge is done by and you can join by emailing him at! THANKS RAY & ShutUpAndTrain FAMILY!

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