Thursday, August 25, 2011

ONE call & that's not ALL...

This afternoon I was able to take part in a Conference call with the ONE Campaign organization, its members, NBA star Dikembe Mutombo, Cindy McCain, and artist Knaan Warsame. I cannot express the emotions that came over me while listening in on this call.

Confusion & Anger are the top two that I could not get away from. WHY ISN'T THE MEDIA TALKING ABOUT THIS??? Where are the responsible journalists that can help spread the awareness? I am utterly pissed off at our government as they continue to ignore what goes on in our backyard and what is going on in the HORN OF AFRICA.

Our attention must never stray away from helping our brother or sisters in Africa. Yes I know you have heard it all before. Africa needs this... Africa needs that... but do you seriously want what is going on in Somalia to turn in to what happened in Rwanda??

 "Somalia is a very direct problem" stated Knaan on the conference call.

"Women and Children are low on the totem pole" stated Mrs. Cindy McCain on the conference call.

"One Mother... One Child... BOTH WILL DIE!"
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"We have a responsibility to care about each other and that means we have to try and help people", stated Dikembe Mutumbo.

I will continue to spend time, money and my talent to bring awareness to what is going on in Africa. Trust me, I know you have your own daily struggles and things that you have to endure but there are people who have been in refugee camps for 20 years and have lost hope. You live in America where HOPE is where the American dream lives. The refugee camps that people find themselves in the Horn of Africa are killing their hopes of ever making it out and what is left are their dead bodies.

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 This is not the fabric of Africa, and I wish that our media would help educate our country on that. Knaan encouraged the listeners on the call to continue raising awareness on our own. People are unable to feed themselves nor are they able to grow or produce anything to help feed their families.

"This is what happens to people when there is no central government", stated Knaan on the conference call.

Continue to help bring awareness of what is going on in the #HornofAfrica by:

1) Make this issue a trending topic on Twitter
2) By changing your profile pictures on your social networking sites to images of the Famine in the Horn of Africa
3) Read more about what is going on in Africa by doing your own research
4) Send editorial requests to your local newspapers and favorite magazines about their coverage of the Famine
5) Donate $10 to and help feed a family!!!

There is no reason why you cannot help change what is happening in our world.
All it takes is ACTION!
 Now GO!!!!!!
 *waving flag*

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