Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Mississippi Dream Deferred: THANK YOU!!!

"They ask no favors, they desire; and must have; an equal chance in the
race of life"
stated John R. Lynch on Civil Rights

A teacher back at W.L. Smith Elementary school in Petal, Mississippi once asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I replied, "A Miss Mississippi pageant queen turned housewife with a Master's Degree that will eventually run for Governor of Mississippi." My teacher jokingly replied, "Well I think I have heard it all!"

She may have heard it all that day, but God has a funny way of working things out his way! The closest I had gotten to a Miss Mississippi pageant was being the runner-up in the city of Ellisville Miss Hospitality pageant. I am absolutely positive that I didn't win because I didn't want to attend Jones County Junior College and a scholarship there was a part of the winner's package. My dreams would take me outside of Mississippi.

I am currently studying for the GRE so that I can obtain my Master's Degree, while being a working housewife. I am a resident of the state of Georgia so my Governor dreams have simmered down. BUT thanks to Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny Dupree my dream may become true.

He is my hometown hero who now has the world watching what will happen in the state of Mississippi. A decade ago he was elected the first African-American mayor of Hattiesburg, and that was an amazing feeling! I feel as if he will make my dream come true because God did not give me this race to run. He gave it to Mayor Johnny Dupree. I have known him for years and this Christian man is all about his family, community and state.

Thanks to Hiram Revels, Blanche Bruce, John R Lynch, James D Lynch, Charles Evers and Henry Kirksey we knew that this day would be possible. These African-American politicians paved a way for August 23, 2011. This was the day that Mayor Johnny Dupree captured the Democratic party nomination for Mississippi Governor. A feat this big has not been done since Reconstruction, and all of those African-American politicians from Mississippi were Republicans during that time.

Just over two months ago, James C. Anderson was killed by white teens due to their hatred of African-Americans. Yesterday proved that the entire state does not feel the same way these teens do towards African-Americans. "Mississippi has more African-American officials than any other state," states the Huffington Post. One act of ignorance will not define the state of Mississippi's future. Our state's past will not change the direction the state is currently headed towards.

People always doubt the state of Mississippi, its people and their capabilities. We may not have the same opportunities as other states do, but Mayor Dupree wants to change all of that. I know that this was just the state primary, but come November the 8th we shall see who will come out on top!

Sometimes a dream that you have for yourself will end up becoming a reality for someone close to you. I wanted to be Homecoming Queen, but my sister 4 years later was elected the First African-American Homecoming Queen at our high school alma mater South Jones High School in Ellisville, Mississippi. I wanted to become Governor of Mississippi, but now Mayor Johnny Dupree has the stage set for his victory speech on November 8th, 2011. DON'T STOP BELIEVING!!!! STAY TUNED!!!

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