Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pieces of ME

It has been almost two months since I've written a post. I have been living my life. I have been embracing my new role and entering another chapter of my life. After the Mother's Day Brunch I had the sunday after Mother's Day my life was in FAST FORWARD MODE! My eldest step son graduated high school, my son Sean attended a few Industry castings for commercials & shows, I traveled a little bit, I gave birth to my son Christopher Anthony three days before Father's Day on a stormy night, and the following week we celebrated one of my stepson's birthday as well as Sean's 6th birthday. WHEW! That is a lot, huh??

I have been able to hold it together until recently when I felt myself feeling down. There is so much more of me that I am showing now and I have learned that I do not mind being transparent. When you look at my face you have to know that I am human and I experience some of the same things you do. I am very complicated, flawed, imperfect, and I am still growing. God made the pieces of ME perfect in his sight and I am still trying to see what he sees! God knew what he was doing when he created me but do I embrace it?

I am in search of what is to come in this new chapter and although it has started out rough I cannot wait to see what he has in store for me. I am a woman not afraid to be strong. I am a woman not afraid to say what I believe. I am a woman not afraid to say when I am wrong. I am a woman not afraid to say when I need help, and right now I am calling on God. He is the only one that can add the new pieces of ME to complete this puzzle for the world to see.


  1. Hi Dawn. Sending prayers your way. We all have rough patches. It's important to communicate with those around us about what we are feeling, whether they like it or not. Release.

  2. Love you lots, Dawn! Congratulations on everything....especially the courage to be YOU! I respect, appreciate & admire you for your strength in sharing who you are. God knows what He is doing in & through you; continue to let Him work....the pieces will all come together!