Friday, April 1, 2011


This is my release. My release of what I have confined in my mind and in my heart. Sometimes people that give, give, give sit back and wait to see what you would give to them. Not for something they did in return but to see if you are really playing your position in their life. Are you really a friend? Because you may just be an associate.  Are you really a listener? Because you may just be waiting for me to stop talking so you can get your point across. Are you really a supporter? Because you may just be someone who only sees what someone else can do for you rather than building on something together. I hope you understand what I am going through cause I know some of you have went through the same thing.

I lost a dear friend close to me and ever since his death I have been evaluating people in my life and around me. Cut ties with some and have put some out of one category into another. Why is it so hard for this generation to see that they may be worshiping or wanting the wrong things? You cannot get mad cause I'm not worshiping/wanting it too. I don't have a desire to be famous nor do I have a desire to be linked with famous people (LEECHES). I was raised to care about others genuinely, and if I am not helping someone else in their life then I am not fulfilling God's promise.

Folks have a problem with asking for help or even giving help to those who need it the most. I rarely talk about the things I do away from the Industry because there is no need for me to list it all. My reward is in heaven. "I'm so close to heaven hell I just need some time.... I do this for the love & it is free of charge". Why can't you do it? I cannot sympathize nor can I relate to someone who always has a negative attitude. Then if you try and check them for it they get defensive about it. You are alive aren't you? Why envy what the next person is doing or have when GOD gave you what you are mentally prepared for at this point of your life?! And there is a thing called, "TACT"... Please look up the definition.

If you change the way you see things and open up your mind then maybe GOD will allow you to have those experiences. People are so busy running from the problem when they cannot sit still long enough to finish solving the arithmetics in front of them. Why not figure out what YOU want to do and accept that some things aren't for you. When someone else does what they have figured out for them don't hate, envy, become jealous, or say they think they are better... See how their Addition of blessings can help your Subtracting issues and Multiply that so you can both equalize happiness.

Some times people say that the real problem is YOU. Well that may be factual, but I will say this I have given so much of myself to those around me that I have decided to take a step back to see who really cares. If you don't then that's fine. I can deal with that, but you cannot fault me if I cannot relate to what's going on in your life when you could give a damn about mine. I will always be a giving person because I know the right person will receive what I have to give and they will value it even when five other people don't. Maybe I'm just growing up. Maybe God is preparing me for a higher level that I am stepping into. You were here with me during this stage, but you won't be on stage when I am done. THE VENT

*thoughts & words inspired by Mississippi Rapper BIG KRIT's single "The VENT" on*

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  1. you shoulda dropped the mic after this one dawn. #killedit. I LOVE THIS!! and you too.