Tuesday, April 5, 2011

MY P.U.S.H Present

During my Trials & Tribulations, I continue to Pray Until Something Happens. It is hard to do but I have been a firm believer that God does not give me more than what I can bear. When I think of what my P.U.S.H present should be from God I begin to feel selfish. Some P.U.S.H presents are more about material things and what the person feels they deserve for praying. My P.U.S.H presents that I ask for is strength, wisdom, compassion, and love to get through whatever I am going through.
Have you realized that you were praying for something to be over when really your P.U.S.H present was the TRIAL? Think about it & share your thoughts


  1. Wow this post confirms that Trials indeed bring triumph. I am forced to continue to believe that God has something amazing for me inspite of my rough time.Just when I think things are about to become unbearable he comes and takes just a bit of the weight holding fast to his promises. I have to become more dilligent in my PUSHING and realize that every Trial may not be a bad thing thing. If i can continue to endure throught than that truly is a gift!!! Thanks DAWN!!

  2. I am realizing more and more that these trials have deeper meaning and are most likely the only way that God will be able to shape and mold my character. It is extremely hard at times but, I know the best is yet to come.