Wednesday, April 27, 2011


When I say that I have had 3 nervous breakdowns & 2 panic attacks (within a WEEK's time) ... I AM SAYING THAT I AM LOSING IT! *Contraction* The stress of my FINAL exams and my everyday life have really taken a toll on me. I found myself asking God last night, "Why me?", and usually I can reply in his defense, "Why not you DAWN?"

But not last night. *Contraction* I have physically & mentally cried too many tears over the various emotions I have experienced over the past three weeks.  But it's not over. Everything that I have worked hard for will be recognized on May 7th and I still have a ways to go. So much more to do and so much more to accomplish. *Contraction*

I shouldn't complain but I need to release it all. I can't see beyond my feet because my belly is taking up air space. I won't deny God his ability to work in my life because I know better. It is alright to admit that you are not SUPER WOMAN, but you can work wonders through your labor pains.  *Contraction* I am mentally suffering but I can physically say that I AM STILL STANDING.... I am still here. Why? Because God is not through with me yet.... I've got more labor pains to endure.


  1. i had typed this really long comment and didn't completely finish the posting process, so now i'm retyping. basically i said:
    because you are strong. because you are resilient. because you are humble and willing. because you are obedient. because you seek God and put him first. because you love. because you are loved. your contractions are a weaker person's stumbling block. a contraction, though painful, is brief. stumbling blocks, obtacles, what have you, have no beginning and no end and if left to their own devices, can be debilitating. i love you dawn and i am proud of you for taking the contractions IN STRIDE.