Monday, April 11, 2011

Keeping it REAL----->

My Mind is telling me NO... BUT MY BODY... MY BODY IS TELLING ME YEST!

You've got to get enough sleep in order to be able to GRIND or HUSTLE, HUSTLE, HUSTLE hard! I know you feel as if you can sleep when you die but what will happen if your body shuts down on you? What will happen if your health is affected by your lack of sleep?? Take better care of yourself so that you can enjoy the rewards you gain from working hard.

I was just on Facebook & Twitter telling a true story about how I slept through my second class. I already read the slides for the evening and I didn't want to skip class so I was present but not really! LOL... Well when I woke up, one of the students told me I didn't miss anything but then I saw most of my classmates trying to help my professor with our school's MOODLE system.

Professors can use this system to post updates in the class along with assignments. So I jumped up, after I wiped the slob from my mouth, and began problem-solving. Well after a few clicks here and there I was able to help my professor and the class will now have complete access to his updates. WHAT IF I DIDN'T TAKE THAT NAP?? What if I was all tired and angry that I sat through a two-hour slide presentation that really just needed a summary from our professor??

I know I wouldn't have been able to help him because I would've been too pissed off that he took two hours to talk about something we already read. So with that said, if you have to just take a nap... DO IT! My body knew I couldn't last through the class but my contribution at the end of class was tremendous.


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  1. I seem to think I only enjoy sleep when the body shuts down..then I hv no doubts as to when its time for my body to rest... Those power naps can do a world of difference though...I am a firmmmmm believer that one doesn't really need more than 5 hrs of sleep though..and I know we all fucntion thats just my o-p...Nice write my Mississippian... enjoy ur eve-