Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Do NOT be so quick to THROW it AWAY!

So this morning I went on a twitter vent because of what I heard on one of my favorite Atlanta Radio Stations. I will copy and paste the vent and you can leave your thoughts!

- I am very sick & tired (in my Fannie Lou Hamer voice) of people in ATLANTA telling each other there are no GOOD MEN here

-If there are no GOOD MEN in Atlanta then there are no GOOD WOMEN either
-How about encouraging folks to work on their own issues before they venture out looking for someone to solve them

-How about encouraging healthy friendships, dating tips, and ways to stick through the tough times in the relationships you do have  

-How about encouraging folks to evaluate their own lives before they decide to walk into someone else's with their baggage

-Some folks don't know how to be a GOOD friend so how well do you think you will do in a relationship

-The Mentality that there are NO GOOD MEN in Atlanta needs to switch to WE ARE ALL GOOD PEOPLE in desperate search of another

-Just like with anything GOOD in your life you have to fight/work hard/be consistent with it... QUIT GIVING UP SO EASILY!

-You have to work hard at your relationship w/ God. You have to fight to keep your job. You have to be consistent with the people around you

-People worry about what someone will say when you decide to give someone in your life another chance... But have they walked in your shoes??

-You do not know how GOOD a person is until you actually give that person a chance to show you how GOOD they can be

-In some relationships, especially in ATLANTA, you have to get through the BS to really get down to who the person is

-It is hard because we all come from different backgrounds and we don't know each others history but isn't that the beauty of LOVE

-The crazy thing about this is that the very person who is preaching there are NO GOOD MEN here in ATLANTA is mad they haven't found one

-Do not be mad! It is not your time to find that person. There is something that you haven't dealt with that may hinder your growth for love

-I respect folks that know they have to deal with themselves first before they jump into a relationship #KnowWHOyouARE

-It is just sad that other folks have to listen to other WOMEN & MEN tell them that they are not GOOD enough for each other

-I totally disagree with that and I wish that more folks in Atlanta would stand up and think more positively about their futures

-Im no relationship guru! Im someone that kept believing that some day someone will appreciate me for who I am & I will embrace who they are

-The whole "There are NO GOOD MEN/WOMEN in Atlanta" is toxic and I wish someone would really flush this shit away

-1 thing that I have learn from my Bipolar disorder is that it is a work in progress. I have to be consistent/work hard/fight to stay better ... Relationships are the same way

-If you give up when they mess up or don't meet your expectations in the beginning then you may be giving up on a blessing

-Working past things take time and effort and I hate it that some folks would not put for the effort to keep something GOOD in their lives

-God never gives up on us... Why should we give up on each other? Forgive, Forget, Move On

-One thing about me that will never change I will remain positive no matter how bad you treat me friend/foe/associate #GetMadatGOD

-I think I am about done with this "There Are No Good Men/Women in Atlanta" vent... I just hope someone heard/listened to what I had to say


  1. Yes!! I so agree. I am tired of the "There are no good men" out here rant and the "This is why Black women are single" rant. I understand it can be frustrating but people don't understand that you get what you accept and you get back whatever you put out there. Put God first set your standards and work out fixing your issues first.

  2. Ditto ditto ditto. In 2008 being a newly single woman to Atlanta I refused to be dis-engaged with dating. It was truly when I became ok with myself did I realize that there are plenty of good men out there. The women will continue to be bitter as long as they can blame every other man and not take responsibility themselves for their part in relationships. Happy to say although I met my husband on e-harmony I still believe there are good straight men in the atl