Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The BEST HairStylist in ATLANTA!

HairStylist Danie & her Model on the CLAIROL stage at Bronner Bros
 I have to show love to my closest friend & wonderful hairstylist Danie Wilks! Danie entered the Clairol Beautiful Collection Color Challenge for a chance to win an on-stage appearance with the Clairol team. She put together a plan to help her win the contest and I must say she was destined to WIN!

Image by MikeDesigns!
She set up a shoot with Photographer Michael Cooke from MikeDesigns!, MUA Chelsea Lately, and I gave all I had modeling wise to the project! The images from the shoot were spectacular and Danie (@I_Am_Danie) kept speaking her WIN into existence.  She was later confirmed as a semi-finalist and now it was time for to get ready for the BRONNER BROS HAIR SHOW!

Danie speaking to the audience at Bronner Bros!
 She started a process where she began to familiarize herself with Clairol products and she began using them on her clients. Danie has always loved using COLOR on her clients so to those of us close to her we knew this was a WIN for her!

When Danie's WIN was announced on Twitter by one of our closest friends Deidra Brown (@JustDeidra) you could see the joy in our TWEETS! In an Industry where a lot of people are known just because of the people they work with or because they have put "Celebrity" in front of their professions, Danie has shown you that HARD WORK, PATIENCE, HUMBLENESS, and TALENT will get you further in life. She is well on her way and if you don't know who she is then you should slap yourself! Check out http://www.iamdanie.com/ and set up an appointment today with a WINNING hairstylist at Spoiled Opulence here in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Image Danie submitted to CLAIROL's Beautiful Collection Competition
By: MikeDesigns!


  1. Great post. You really conveyed a sort of objective happiness, if that's possible... well it is now cause you did it. And CONGRATULATIONS DANIE!!

  2. I am so elated! We are going to do great things!