Thursday, February 17, 2011

Break... Break DOWN

Photography by Amadi Phillips
Today I had a Nervous Breakdown... Nothing dealing with my disorder, but it was all emotional and related to my scholastic studies. I put so much work into completing assignments... I put so much time and effort into showing those around me that I care... But sometimes I forget about myself. This week has REALLY taught me A LOT and I must say that I LOVE LOVING ME!

Loving me is what I tend to forget when I want to make sure that those around me are happy. They sure aren't worried about my happiness... hell they are envious of what I have. Truth be told: YOU SHOULD NEVER BE ENVIOUS! You don't know how many broken relationships I've been through to be where I am... You don't know how many men have taken advantage of my trust and love in order for me to appreciate a good man when I see him... You don't know what type of childhood I had to endure in order to remain positive on how bright my future may be... YOU DONT KNOW YOU WERENT THERE YOU DONT KNOW WHEN AND YOU DONT KNOW WHERE....

God brought me this far and I refuse to turn back.... I have read some self-help books, spent time with my family, and tried to bring myself back to normal through this sickness I've endured through the week... STOP COMPLAINING about what you don't have and READ A BOOK about how you can acquire more! STOP BEING NEGATIVE and showing the world that you are childish in the way you think socially... JUST STOP IT... And watch how YOUR life will change! Trust me... I AM LOVING MINE!

It takes a break down & a great cry to realize that you were given those thoughts so that you can appreciate what is happening NOW! My Countdown officially begins in the morning and I could care less what someone thinks because from here my future is MIGHTY BRIGHT.... God is shining a light on my path and I know where I am headed!


  1. Yes, you do have to take time out to take care of you. I have been there and I am still working on loving myself the right way. Feel better soon!

  2. I totally agree!! It seems that after a break down & a good cry, you're able to re-group and focus on what's next. Have a great day!!