Saturday, February 5, 2011


  I am not a student of fashion, nor am I considered a FASHIONISTA. But I am a MISSISSIPPIAN and I find it AWESOME that Designer Patrick Kelly never forgot where he came from. He was born in Vicksburg, Mississippi and it is historically beautiful that one of the best shoots I have ever done as a Model was with Mississippi Photographer Will Sterling in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

He attended Jackson State University on a scholarship and studied art history and African American history. After two years of college, he moved to Atlanta to further his career in the fashion industry. He had a friend suggest that he move to New York to get more recognition for his work. Designer Kelly moved to New York and enrolled at the in the prestigious Parsons School of Design. He worked part-time at Baskin Robbins and he sold his dresses to Models in New York. This same friend challenged him again to take his talents further.

PARIS was ready for Designer Patrick Kelly. He thrived in the city and he made a name for himself. His fashions were respected and loved and so was his Southern Charm. Designer Patrick Kelly was the First American and person of color to become a member of Chambre Syndicale du Prêt-à-Porter (the governing body of the prestigious French ready-to-wear industry). 
                              Designer Kelly died in Paris due to AIDS but his work and talent lives on. The Brooklyn Museum featured his work and called it "PATRICK KELLY: A RETROSPECTIVE!"



  1. How can u call yourself a fashionista and boast about being from Mississippi and you have nothing about the first black supermodel (before the term was coined) Naomi Sims on your blog. In the late 60's, Blacks struggled with racial equality, while Naomi who's from Oxford, MS covered Life magazine. She put black models on the map. I see why you have no comments.

  2. Normally I would delete all NEGATIVITY off of my PAGE, but seeing that you are being very RUDE & CANNOT WAIT ON THE REST OF THE MONTH'S FEATURES... SHE WAS UP NEXT! I am going to include her along with all the other MISSISSIPPIANS who have been forgotten. The Designer went up first because he I knew that the National Black HIV/AIDS day was this past Monday and I wanted to bring his story out. Have a blessed day and if you ever have a problem please think BEFORE you COMMENT!

  3. And this person is whooo??? And there Blog is wheeeeere?? The fact that they are anonymous just tells it all. Dawn, keep doing your thang girl.

  4. Dear Anonymous,
    Kick Rocks...

  5. Really?? Well, I for one loved this post and decided to RT it on Twitter to share, this is why I didn't comment on here. But, who says such things about a post that is clearly celebrating a person? Also, I do believe that u started the post by saying "I am not a student of fashion, nor am I considered a FASHIONISTA"... Somebody was super eager to throw shade ;0l

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  8. Wow, so much to say from a person that is anonymous! That's why that unecessary & pointless rambling holds the same merit as the name that you chose to post it with. & who throws shade at someone that is uplifting "someone elses" accomplishment that is not even their own??? Dare I say this is a personal post... maybe a little envious?

    Dawn, keep doing what you do! It's what you do BEST. ~TK

  9. So pleased to find this, not enough is made of this 80s designer. Loved his work, as a teenager back then.