Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What a Southern Gal does when she is pissed off....

I COOK GRITS! I don't know why but that's what I do. I woke up this morning OVERWHELMED: School Assignments, Wedding Details, Home-Schooling Sean (out for Snow Storm), and POLITICS!

The latter has me upset more than anything. The Governor of Mississippi, Haley Barbour, is doing a bit much in my home state to try to get on the good side of African-Americans. I am questioning his motives and I wonder why now? I appreciate him setting free the SCOTT SISTERS, but now advocating a Civil Rights Museum only because of your arse being in BOILING HOT WATER over some of the racial comments you've made in the past: CMON SON! We know what's up and although the Civil Rights Museum would come at a good time (
50th anniversary of the Freedom Riders and the 150th anniversary of the Civil War’s opening salvos

Read more: but WHY NOW? Are you thinking about running for PRESIDENT?? I am keeping my eye on this & I pray you guys are too.
Now every now and then you may get a few lumps in your GRITS. I think that is normal, but those dang lumps get on my nerves. In walks SARAH PALIN and her randomness. She sent out a video (probably from her decorated home studio) accusing the Media of Blood Libel, America placing the blame on the wrong people, and a President Reagan quote. Excuse me mam, but did you forget you created that map that had a bulls-eye on congressional districts and talked about getting rid of these folks in those areas??? I reckon she did... But this is one LUMP I don't want in my GRITS! *scoops out lump and throws it in the garbage disposer*
Last but not least... I want America to stop trying to act like this young man that shot those innocent people in Arizona was mentally-ill. I am still doing my research on this new development, but it pisses me off that when someone goes off on the deep end and does something this tragic you must associate it with Mental Health. I will limit my words on this until I get the FULL STORY, but I am not liking where this is headed. Yes I am BIPOLAR but that does not mean I want to go out and kill people. It is deeper than that... MY GRITS ARE DONE... TIME TO ENJOY!


  1. I agree girlie... I think there is definitely a motive behind ole Gov being "black folk friendly" all of a sudden.... kinda like Rush Limbaugh adopting a kid from the ghetto... Something ain't right!! (Like sugar in grits)