Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sex Education from The Kreung Tribe

"What would you do if your parents built you a LOVE HUT and gave you the opportunity to explore SEX on your own at the age of 15?"

Personally, I would look at my Mother and tell her she is CRAZY! After I got up off the floor from her slapping me in the face for calling her that I would then ASK WHY??

Thanks to my twitter/blogging fashionistas, @MsHauteStylist & @Mattieologie, I was introduced to an article that is featured in the February 2011 issue of Marie Claire

This article opened my eyes and educated me on another way to understand how important it is to speak with your children about sex. Some parents in America think that this subject is very TABOO and that it is not supposed to be talked about openly. Now I am not say that the LOVE HUTS the Kreung Tribe build are what we should in America but it shows you how a group of people are willing to allow their children to explore their independence and make their own choices.

The young women in the tribe stated that this helps them find a boy they like, their independence, and it gives them control over what happens in a relationship. They decide when they are ready for sex and they decide what happens with their bodies. I do not want to voice my opinion too much in this because I want to create dialogue with my readers. With that said...

What do you think about how sex is discussed with our children/teenagers here in America?

What do you think about giving our young women the strength and ability to own power over what is done in their relationships?

Trust me your children/teenagers are either learning from their friends, the media, or our society what should be the norm when having sex or being in relationships. Are yall ready to talk?????

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