Friday, January 14, 2011

*My Thoughts*

I read an article yesterday on and it truly upset me. Tonight ESPN aired live the MLK Town Hall with a panel discussing the Image of Black Athletes. I was so happy to see and hear the discussion. As parents it is up to us to teach our children right from wrong. It is not up to us to live through our children or place a burden on them that they feel as if they have to lead the household.

I am thankful that God gave me the opportunity to be raised in a two-parent, single-parent, and a blended family household. I was taught, in all three settings, that while I had the opportunity to play  sports I also had the same opportunity to receive a great education. "Grades before Play" was what my Mother said and she stuck by that.

I wish that every parent, whether it is a two-parent or single-parent household, would enforce education over excelling in sports. I wish that every parent would learn how to reach outside of what they know to expose their children to new things. It is okay to want the best for your children, but when you forget to talk with your children about their choices and their future then you are setting them up for failure.

Our Black Athletes need us. Male & female. Start talking now!

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