Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Movie Motivated My Blog Experience

"Julie & Julia" the movie motivated me to start my blog. I was inspired by the many Facebook messages that I get for New "Notes" and after I saw this movie days before the NEW YEAR began I decided to blog.

This movie is about a young woman who is inspired by Chef Julia Childs and she challenges herself to complete all her recipes in a year. The best thing about this is: JULIE BLOGS THE ENTIRE EXPERIENCE.

I hope that in some way I am doing just that. Writing has always been therapeutic for my disorder & I so this feels natural to me. I have not set myself on a deadline and I am not looking for a large fan base. I just find that this experience already has transformed my life in a way that I am able to release my many thoughts and emotions to the WORLD.... I hope you all feel the same... Time to Cook something! LOL! God bless!

1 comment:

  1. Yeah I love this movie, just watched it this morning while having "cabin fever" during the ATL Snow Storm