Sunday, January 16, 2011


This post is for all of the Single Mothers out there. This can also apply to Mothers in a two-parent household as well. I am going to post a few tweets from tonight & then write my thoughts....

@JustDeidra @DrayaFace states that it is false and I pray to God it is... #MotherTweet

Public Service Announcment: Single mothers your career should not dictate how you raise your children... Neglecting them is NEVER acceptable

The link to the story is about a young woman who was neglecting her child to work overnight. She also stated that she was a model. I recognized the name that was listed in the article so I decided to check her twitter for a response. She stated that it was false and in her defense I pray it is.

God has blessed me with the wonderful experience of being a MOTHER. I take pride in that role. I am not the most perfect mother or parent in the world, but my child knows he comes first. When Sean was born I made the decision to go back to school to get my Associate's degree. His father's family helped provide me with a support system that aided me while I worked 2 to 3 jobs and attended school over 20 hrs a semester. Once I was done with my Associate's degree, I decided to move back to Atlanta and finish my Bachelor's degree. I have family here that supports me and so does my fiance. I also have friends that at any time will pitch in to help me when I need them.
"Sean & I in our family FEMA trailer while I was finishing my Associate's Degree"

The key to MY SUCCESS is not really my determination & drive, but my SUPPORT SYSTEM. My determination & drive as a single parent showed my SUPPORT SYSTEM that they were supporting me when I needed them the most. Now I am absolutely sure that they would not if I was in the club, traveling allover (not work-related), and living a wild lifestyle. As parents, we have to watch what we do because our children SEE EVERYTHING!

I take the time to talk with my son about my disorder, my Modeling jobs, my Writing opportunities, and my classes. He shares with me his thoughts and there have been many times that I decided not to go out to an event I was exclusively invited to because he wanted to spend time with me. Single mothers are strong individuals and we have to do a lot at home.

Yes from time to time we need a break, but your child did not ask to be here. That was your decision that you made with someone you loved or just laid down with. God's love and strength can help you overcome any obstacle that you face as a Single Parent. God can also help you figure out your dreams after having a child. Trust me, the Entertainment Industry does not wait on you nor will it stop as you are dealing with your personal issues. If it is for you then it will be for you when you are ready.

Believe in yourself and know that you are responsible for your child at the beginning and the end of the day. My child helped me get my life back on track and helped me focus on what I really wanted out of life. God knew I needed a reason to move forward in my life and he gave me Sean. Please pray for the young women who are lost in the world and do not realize that their actions are affecting their children everyday. They are all suffering if the mother doesn't step up and change.

Now can I see the Police report from the Article??

RT: @JustDeidra RT @gurl: Regular girls don't go to jail for child abuse Court Documents: < @mississippiDAWN---> THANKS


  1. One thing I admire in you, Dawn, is the amazing mother that I know you to be. You aren't just talking when you say you put Sean first. I really admire your decision to share how it's not the easiest thing in the world to be a single parent or a parent at all but you handle it with grace & with GOD. I heard the story about the young model earlier & I truly hope for the child's sake that it wasn't/isn't true but women like you who are willing to share their story & not just state things from a place of judgement but a sincere place of compassion & understanding, will hopefully allow another young lady to see that there is a way & there is a GOD that will help her. I hope when i'm blessed with the privilege of motherhood to be as good of a mother as you are to Sean.

  2. This goes for those single fathers out there also. Fatherhood is truly a blessing we should cherish and make a priority everyday! We should respect and partner with the woman granting us our fatherhood status rather than leave her to struggle on her own. The word single shouldn't tie in to parenthood since the blessing of a child is not conceived by a single human being. Be blessed!

  3. Garmai thank you so much! Bryon I appreciate your point of view... You are absolutely right and I pray that more people will read this post.

  4. I appreciate your post and Im so blessed that the hubby is here but he is gone a lot and sometimes I feel like I am a single mom. We women are some strong creatures! God knew what he was creating! xoxo

  5. Love this post!! So true, this does go for fathers also.