Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Blame it on the NCAA because after The Ohio State University win at the Sugar Bowl everyone seems to be pointing the finger. Yes I am still celebrating my birthday. Yes I am a loyal Buckeye fan, but my Momma did not raise no FOOL!

When I found out about "The Columbus Five" and "Tattoo Gate" I was screaming, "SUSPEND THEM NOW! They need to be punished for their actions!" Why? Am I crazy? A little bit, but I know that what they did was wrong and against NCAA rules & regulations.

It seems that the NCAA just hands out suspensions when they see fit. Not Fair! Our Student Athletes are broke. Yet the NCAA makes millions of dollars off their hardwork and talent. Change the rules and find a way to put more money in the Student Athletes pockets. SEC fans last night were brutal! As I tried to hold a conversation with an Arkansas fan on what I thought should have happened to "The Columbus Five" another fan yelled at me, "BULLSHIT BITCH!"

REALLY?? You do not know me, but guess what you will find out. I meant what I said about benching the guys the first half or sitting them out the entire game. I was willing to sacrifice a definite loss for the greater good of the sport. TEACH THEM A LESSON! I explained to the name-caller that I did not appreciate the message the NCAA was sending to our children and other athletes across the board with allowing these guys to be eligible for the Bowl game. She apologized and said she thought I was just a stupid Buckeye fan that was sitting near Arkansas fans trying to fit in.

I do not need to fit in and my family taught me that. My mother made an example of me when I was younger playing sports. I got a technical foul in a basketball game and she made me apologize to the Refs, the other team, and my teammates. She then called my coach and asked her to sit me out the next game that I was suppose to start. SHE DISCIPLINED ME FROM THE SIDELINES! We need that from the NCAA CONSISTENTLY and not when they want to do it.

I am onto something with this & Im sure this is not the last time I will talk about this subject.... STILL IN NEW ORLEANS!

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