Friday, January 28, 2011


Image by Photographer Allen Cooley NAILS photoshoot w/ Celebrity Manicurist Terrance Terry

My Nails today done by Celebrity Manicurist Terrance Terry

The Shellac Gel Nail Polish Manicure choice for today's service!

Nails done by Celebrity Manicurist Terrance Terry (RING NOT INCLUDED)
Who does not like for their NAILS to look GOOD?? I am one of those faithful, loyal clients that always goes to the same Nail salon (unless I am traveling) and get your typical manicure: ONE SHADE. So to step outside of the box I decided to turn to a familiar, friendly face and that was Mr. Terrance Terry. He is a Celebrity Manicurist (I AM NO CELEBRITY LOL) and he knows his products.

As I sat down with him he gave me a lesson about OPI Gel Nails. OPI Gel Nails are for those of us, LIKE ME, who do not frequent the Nail salons often but want the manicure and color to last. WELP, my last manicure was the week before CHRISTMAS and YOU COULD TELL. It looked like I wore the breaks off of my OPI Gel Nails. Mr. Terry informed me that although you can wear the Gel Nails longer than 2 weeks it is not a good idea that you do. I could tell it wasn't a good idea due to the calcium deposits that were building up under the gel and how damaged my nails were.

So in true fashion I thanked Mr. Terry for telling me this cause I DIDN'T KNOW and I was glad someone was willing to share that with me... So I need to drink more MILK (calcium deposit prevention) and not return to my favorite Nail salon. If I am a client/customer that is consistent and loyal to your service, the least you can do is educate me on the service you are giving and how to achieve better results. WELP, Mr. Terry has won a new client & I cannot wait to step outside the box again.

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