Monday, January 31, 2011

**THE GLOBAL 30 Day Cardio Workout**

 Celebrity Trainer Rahman Ray Grayson,  Actress NoreeVictoria & I


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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sex Education from The Kreung Tribe

"What would you do if your parents built you a LOVE HUT and gave you the opportunity to explore SEX on your own at the age of 15?"

Personally, I would look at my Mother and tell her she is CRAZY! After I got up off the floor from her slapping me in the face for calling her that I would then ASK WHY??

Thanks to my twitter/blogging fashionistas, @MsHauteStylist & @Mattieologie, I was introduced to an article that is featured in the February 2011 issue of Marie Claire

This article opened my eyes and educated me on another way to understand how important it is to speak with your children about sex. Some parents in America think that this subject is very TABOO and that it is not supposed to be talked about openly. Now I am not say that the LOVE HUTS the Kreung Tribe build are what we should in America but it shows you how a group of people are willing to allow their children to explore their independence and make their own choices.

The young women in the tribe stated that this helps them find a boy they like, their independence, and it gives them control over what happens in a relationship. They decide when they are ready for sex and they decide what happens with their bodies. I do not want to voice my opinion too much in this because I want to create dialogue with my readers. With that said...

What do you think about how sex is discussed with our children/teenagers here in America?

What do you think about giving our young women the strength and ability to own power over what is done in their relationships?

Trust me your children/teenagers are either learning from their friends, the media, or our society what should be the norm when having sex or being in relationships. Are yall ready to talk?????

Friday, January 28, 2011


Image by Photographer Allen Cooley NAILS photoshoot w/ Celebrity Manicurist Terrance Terry

My Nails today done by Celebrity Manicurist Terrance Terry

The Shellac Gel Nail Polish Manicure choice for today's service!

Nails done by Celebrity Manicurist Terrance Terry (RING NOT INCLUDED)
Who does not like for their NAILS to look GOOD?? I am one of those faithful, loyal clients that always goes to the same Nail salon (unless I am traveling) and get your typical manicure: ONE SHADE. So to step outside of the box I decided to turn to a familiar, friendly face and that was Mr. Terrance Terry. He is a Celebrity Manicurist (I AM NO CELEBRITY LOL) and he knows his products.

As I sat down with him he gave me a lesson about OPI Gel Nails. OPI Gel Nails are for those of us, LIKE ME, who do not frequent the Nail salons often but want the manicure and color to last. WELP, my last manicure was the week before CHRISTMAS and YOU COULD TELL. It looked like I wore the breaks off of my OPI Gel Nails. Mr. Terry informed me that although you can wear the Gel Nails longer than 2 weeks it is not a good idea that you do. I could tell it wasn't a good idea due to the calcium deposits that were building up under the gel and how damaged my nails were.

So in true fashion I thanked Mr. Terry for telling me this cause I DIDN'T KNOW and I was glad someone was willing to share that with me... So I need to drink more MILK (calcium deposit prevention) and not return to my favorite Nail salon. If I am a client/customer that is consistent and loyal to your service, the least you can do is educate me on the service you are giving and how to achieve better results. WELP, Mr. Terry has won a new client & I cannot wait to step outside the box again.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

[FLAWS & all]

Image by Photographer Allen Cooley
The past 48 hrs have been the absolute worst! Dealing and Fighting with my Mind along with outside forces that just cannot seem to get over the fact that my life is MY LIFE.

My family has truly stepped up and given me the courage to battle my thoughts and those that want to see me fall. God made me realize back in high school that I would always be different and NO ONE WOULD LIKE THAT.

When I found out I was Bipolar (my sophomore year in high school) I felt ashamed. I thought, "How could God give me this disorder when I know other folks crazier than me?" Bipolar does not equal CRAZY. My mother & grandmother taught me that this was a time that I needed to know WHO I WAS and Love myself for being ME.

The past 48 hours I have had thoughts of taking my own life, writing a WILL for my son's well-being, and just ending all relationships around me. How can I feel so low when my faith remains in GOD?

God allows us to be in low places so that we can look up and seek his guidance. Every day is not a perfect day for me. Every day is not promised to me either. My disorder really takes all of my energy most days and it is hard for me to even get out of the bed. But yet I have a child to raise, a family to be strong for, a career that does not wait on me, school assignments that have deadlines, and a LIFE THAT MUST BE LIVED.

I will continue to fast, pray, and believe in God that there was a reason for me to experience this Down Time. Those that are for me will be for me and those that aren't can kick rocks without a pedicure! I am BIPOLAR but this disorder will not take over my life. I WILL CONTINUE TO SURVIVE!

"Even at my WORST I am the BEST!"---- words by Big K.R.I.T

Saturday, January 22, 2011

One of MLK's Advisors: "Brother Outsider" NOH8

May Mr. Bayard Rustin rest in peace!

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's National holiday was this past Monday and everyone cited his quotes, marched in his memory, and even gave their opinions on the state of our community today. I said my peace and visited his Memorial but I did so for me and my family. The holiday really prepares me for Black history month and what stories I can pass on to my children.

As the week went on I was able to watch untold stories about Emmett Till, Malcolm X, and read about Mr. Bayard Rustin. Mr. Bayard Rustin was an adviser to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. but your history books would not inform you of that. WHY NOT?

Mr. Bayard Rustin was homosexual. During the Civil Rights Movement, the black church (no matter what the denomination) was at the forefront of it and homosexuality is considered as a sin in the church.  I accept people for who they are and I do not pass judgment. I just want to bring to light that this man, regardless of his sexual orientation, was behind one of the most influential people in our history and he fought for Equality.

Before his death he said, "Twenty-five, thirty years ago, the barometer of human rights in the United States were black people. That is no longer true. The barometer for judging the character of people in regard to human rights is now those who consider themselves gay, homosexual, lesbian." As stated on

I learned more about Mr. Bayard Rustin through my Womanism course that I am taking at Oglethorpe University. It made me feel proud to know that people were able to come together to fight for Equality no matter what they struggled with personally. Mr. Rustin along with Dr. King created the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). Mr. Rustin also organized the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom where Dr. King gave his historic & memorable "I Have A Dream Speech".  No one really wants to give him credit for his GREAT works but I WILL.

His quote above states that now after the Civil Rights Movement there is a shift in human rights as homosexuals are fighting for their right of Equality. Mr. Rustin fought for the Human Rights of Gays and he gave a speech titled, "The New Niggers are Gays".

I believe that every American should know Mr. Bayard Rustin's story! You should be more open and accepting of others that are not like you. This is something that I explain to my child & stepchildren and I pray that other parents are doing the same. I will list some more links on Mr. Bayard Rustin so that you can read his biography and find some of his books to educate yourself.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

When's the Next TRAIN??

Image by Photographer Will Sterling
This month is going by so fast that I cannot even remember what I did on New Year's day. I will say that I am very thankful for everything that God continues to do in my life. I am dealing with a lot on my plate and he knows I can bare it all. I just ask that he continues to prepare me for what is next and for where he is wanting to take me because my bags are packed. Are you ready for the ride? We need extra passengers to make this trip worth while! XOXO

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why don't you JOIN....

You can be a Member today for $FREE.99! LOLROTFL... Okay Im just playing, but some of you that follow me on my Social Networking site know that I use the term #COWTIPPING for people, places, and/or things! What/Who would you COWTIP TODAY???

Sunday, January 16, 2011


This post is for all of the Single Mothers out there. This can also apply to Mothers in a two-parent household as well. I am going to post a few tweets from tonight & then write my thoughts....

@JustDeidra @DrayaFace states that it is false and I pray to God it is... #MotherTweet

Public Service Announcment: Single mothers your career should not dictate how you raise your children... Neglecting them is NEVER acceptable

The link to the story is about a young woman who was neglecting her child to work overnight. She also stated that she was a model. I recognized the name that was listed in the article so I decided to check her twitter for a response. She stated that it was false and in her defense I pray it is.

God has blessed me with the wonderful experience of being a MOTHER. I take pride in that role. I am not the most perfect mother or parent in the world, but my child knows he comes first. When Sean was born I made the decision to go back to school to get my Associate's degree. His father's family helped provide me with a support system that aided me while I worked 2 to 3 jobs and attended school over 20 hrs a semester. Once I was done with my Associate's degree, I decided to move back to Atlanta and finish my Bachelor's degree. I have family here that supports me and so does my fiance. I also have friends that at any time will pitch in to help me when I need them.
"Sean & I in our family FEMA trailer while I was finishing my Associate's Degree"

The key to MY SUCCESS is not really my determination & drive, but my SUPPORT SYSTEM. My determination & drive as a single parent showed my SUPPORT SYSTEM that they were supporting me when I needed them the most. Now I am absolutely sure that they would not if I was in the club, traveling allover (not work-related), and living a wild lifestyle. As parents, we have to watch what we do because our children SEE EVERYTHING!

I take the time to talk with my son about my disorder, my Modeling jobs, my Writing opportunities, and my classes. He shares with me his thoughts and there have been many times that I decided not to go out to an event I was exclusively invited to because he wanted to spend time with me. Single mothers are strong individuals and we have to do a lot at home.

Yes from time to time we need a break, but your child did not ask to be here. That was your decision that you made with someone you loved or just laid down with. God's love and strength can help you overcome any obstacle that you face as a Single Parent. God can also help you figure out your dreams after having a child. Trust me, the Entertainment Industry does not wait on you nor will it stop as you are dealing with your personal issues. If it is for you then it will be for you when you are ready.

Believe in yourself and know that you are responsible for your child at the beginning and the end of the day. My child helped me get my life back on track and helped me focus on what I really wanted out of life. God knew I needed a reason to move forward in my life and he gave me Sean. Please pray for the young women who are lost in the world and do not realize that their actions are affecting their children everyday. They are all suffering if the mother doesn't step up and change.

Now can I see the Police report from the Article??

RT: @JustDeidra RT @gurl: Regular girls don't go to jail for child abuse Court Documents: < @mississippiDAWN---> THANKS

Friday, January 14, 2011

Loving MySELF

Every time I pass a mirror I smile and say, "God you brought me this far". Once upon a time I could not stand looking at myself. Yeah I'm talking about me! Growing up I did pageants, oratorical contests, and I always gained attention for my accomplishments. I went through a phase in jr. high where I did not want to be the smart, skinny girl so I just closed my mouth. High school was the WORST for me. I was sexually-active and I was able to talk to my grandmother about the million things I was giong through. No one prepared me for what I went through when I was diagnosed with Bipolar and when I experienced Viral Menegitis for the first time. Those were the two most dramatic times in my life because it was assumed that I had AIDS or an STD for me to be so sick and out of school during that time. This lowered my self-esteem even more because I didn't know how to fight back. My senior year was when I was hit the hardest. Destined to surpass my classmates I was voted out of every club, organization, kept from being Prom Queen, and a part of our Homecoming court. My soul cried inside when I would wake up and go to school while being bullied about my lifestyle and how I became gravely ill my sophmore and junior year. This background of pain prepared me for the things I would face in College and my unplanned career path. As a model I am supposed to be PERFECT! Well I am not. I do not mind what people think of when they look at me because I was able to fall back in love with myself and appreciate my many talents. People ask me, "Why are you always so Positive?" I reply sometimes, "You don't know what Ive been through!" Learn to love yourself because when you don't it shows through your actions and your negativity. God thank you for not giving up on me!

*My Thoughts*

I read an article yesterday on and it truly upset me. Tonight ESPN aired live the MLK Town Hall with a panel discussing the Image of Black Athletes. I was so happy to see and hear the discussion. As parents it is up to us to teach our children right from wrong. It is not up to us to live through our children or place a burden on them that they feel as if they have to lead the household.

I am thankful that God gave me the opportunity to be raised in a two-parent, single-parent, and a blended family household. I was taught, in all three settings, that while I had the opportunity to play  sports I also had the same opportunity to receive a great education. "Grades before Play" was what my Mother said and she stuck by that.

I wish that every parent, whether it is a two-parent or single-parent household, would enforce education over excelling in sports. I wish that every parent would learn how to reach outside of what they know to expose their children to new things. It is okay to want the best for your children, but when you forget to talk with your children about their choices and their future then you are setting them up for failure.

Our Black Athletes need us. Male & female. Start talking now!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Manifesto from Leonie Wise

~Simmering in Unfamiliar Water~

Attempt Number One!

A GOOGLE recipe said, "Place Egg on a piece of paper towel!" NEVER AGAIN

Attempt 3 since I broke the yolk on Attempt 2... Don't Ask & I won't tell you! LOL

Attempt 4... FINALLY I SEE A GHOST! Attempt 3 didnt work out!

End Result! I was scared the yolk would be running after I sliced it open... But...


Well today I woke up & cooked breakfast. While cooking breakfast, I remembered that I wanted to learn how to "POACH AN EGG" like Julie did in the movie "Julie & Julia". So since I watched the movie maybe moments before cooking I decided to do it... So to find a quick recipe I GOOGLED ONE! But here is my REVISED version of it!

1. Boil about 3 to 4 inches of water in a pot... Add a little salt
2. Once the water starts to boil, crack open an egg in a cup or bowl... Set the egg aside until the water is completely boiling
3. Take the Cup or Bowl of Egg and pour it into the water
4. The water should cover the egg so that you can see a "Ghost"
5. Now it depends on how long you want the Egg to stay in there but I allowed it to boil for 5 to 7 minutes... Take a spoon with holes and scoop the egg out and place on a plate
6. Slice open the yolk and add garnishments to your liking! ENJOY!

Sends Text Message: "Honey we need more EGGS!"

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thank you Captain America!

I am in awe! One of my followers, Jennifer from Alabama, sent me a tweet that has lifted my spirits... "Marvel's Captain America fights a new foe: Suicide"Now I will not be selfish and ask, "Where the heck was he when I attempted suicide?" but I will say that I am happy that an unlikely source of support is flooding to help those that are considering taking their own lives. Thank you Marvel Entertainment for stepping up to help with Suicide Awareness... We are all here for a reason. It is not up to you to take your own life. God created you for a reason, and you must continue to walk with him through the tough times. I AM A LIVING TESTIMONY!

To contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, please call 1-800-273-TALK or visit

What a Southern Gal does when she is pissed off....

I COOK GRITS! I don't know why but that's what I do. I woke up this morning OVERWHELMED: School Assignments, Wedding Details, Home-Schooling Sean (out for Snow Storm), and POLITICS!

The latter has me upset more than anything. The Governor of Mississippi, Haley Barbour, is doing a bit much in my home state to try to get on the good side of African-Americans. I am questioning his motives and I wonder why now? I appreciate him setting free the SCOTT SISTERS, but now advocating a Civil Rights Museum only because of your arse being in BOILING HOT WATER over some of the racial comments you've made in the past: CMON SON! We know what's up and although the Civil Rights Museum would come at a good time (
50th anniversary of the Freedom Riders and the 150th anniversary of the Civil War’s opening salvos

Read more: but WHY NOW? Are you thinking about running for PRESIDENT?? I am keeping my eye on this & I pray you guys are too.
Now every now and then you may get a few lumps in your GRITS. I think that is normal, but those dang lumps get on my nerves. In walks SARAH PALIN and her randomness. She sent out a video (probably from her decorated home studio) accusing the Media of Blood Libel, America placing the blame on the wrong people, and a President Reagan quote. Excuse me mam, but did you forget you created that map that had a bulls-eye on congressional districts and talked about getting rid of these folks in those areas??? I reckon she did... But this is one LUMP I don't want in my GRITS! *scoops out lump and throws it in the garbage disposer*
Last but not least... I want America to stop trying to act like this young man that shot those innocent people in Arizona was mentally-ill. I am still doing my research on this new development, but it pisses me off that when someone goes off on the deep end and does something this tragic you must associate it with Mental Health. I will limit my words on this until I get the FULL STORY, but I am not liking where this is headed. Yes I am BIPOLAR but that does not mean I want to go out and kill people. It is deeper than that... MY GRITS ARE DONE... TIME TO ENJOY!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Movie Motivated My Blog Experience

"Julie & Julia" the movie motivated me to start my blog. I was inspired by the many Facebook messages that I get for New "Notes" and after I saw this movie days before the NEW YEAR began I decided to blog.

This movie is about a young woman who is inspired by Chef Julia Childs and she challenges herself to complete all her recipes in a year. The best thing about this is: JULIE BLOGS THE ENTIRE EXPERIENCE.

I hope that in some way I am doing just that. Writing has always been therapeutic for my disorder & I so this feels natural to me. I have not set myself on a deadline and I am not looking for a large fan base. I just find that this experience already has transformed my life in a way that I am able to release my many thoughts and emotions to the WORLD.... I hope you all feel the same... Time to Cook something! LOL! God bless!

Tonight a DJ saved my Life....

Grammy Award Winning Songwriter & Producer randomly decided to DJ tonight... Guess What?? I AM SO GLAD HE DID... He played different genres of music from various artists Old & New... Is there anything this man cannot do?? Thanks Homie... Im still listening!

Monday, January 10, 2011


This is the last game of the season & I feel a tear falling down my face. I adore College Football and knowing that this is it depresses me! Good luck to the Oregon Ducks & the Auburn Tigers... Im pulling for SCAM NEWTON & COMPANY! PLAY BALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who you wit??

Sunday, January 9, 2011

*Classic Movie Alert*

I love this movie! My mom had us watch this movie and we were like, "WHY MA??" We watched it and then had to do book reports on the movie. GO FIGURE! LOL... I loved the style and the storyline of the movie. "Whispers" was my favorite character and I loved the fact that Cicely Tyson was "Madame Queen"... If you have not seen this movie then your life is lacking the true meaning of a gangster movie!

In ATL... The Dirty South... God presents....

The South shuts down when it SNOWS because, "We aren't used it!" LOLROTFL!! The weather has been so random and it is humorous how one flurry can cause such a stir! Please be safe if you have to travel, and I hope you got caught in the storm with someone you are supposed to be with.... *WINK WINK*

Saturday, January 8, 2011


So today is Saturday & I am sitting in a classroom full of women here at Oglethorpe University. No disrespect to my classmates but we had to sit outside the building (IN THE COLD) until security came to unlock the door!

Usually my Saturday mornings are filled with prep time for College GameDay, warm breakfast with my family, and LOTS OF SLEEP... So much for that!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Friends... How many of US have them??

"It has been said that everlasting friends can go long periods of time without speaking and never question the friendship. These types of friends pick up like they just spoke yesterday, regardless of how long it has been or how faraway they live, and they don't hold grudges. They understand that life is busy...but you will ALWAYS love them."

Thank you Monique Walke for posting this on Facebook! You are an amazing woman & I love you dearly!

Look to the LIGHT!

A good friend of mine, Sherida DeFrance, blessed me with my very own solar lamp that helps me fight my Bipolar/Manic disorder through LIGHT THERAPY! I have been doing this for the past 6 to 7 months and noticed a huge change in my mood swings.

Today is Friday... The rest of the world is happy that it is the last day of the week, but I woke up fighting my mind and negative thoughts. Seeing doctors and resting usually helps me but I needed to see the LIGHT! Light Therapy uses sunshine light supplement to help relax, focus, and revitalize naturally. It increases energy, improves mood, and helps you with better concentration. So I did this today for about 20 minutes while praying and then went on with my day.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Watch The Waters

My First day back in class and I attended a Candle Light Vigil for a missing (possibly dead) Oglethorpe Student, Erik Downes. I was late finding out the news but I rushed right over to the Vigil to participate. Starting our first day of the Spring Session this way reminds me that "LIFE IS PRECIOUS".

I would like to ask my followers to please say a Prayer for the Downes Family as they travel to Costa Rica tomorrow to help search for Erik or to find out other news. It is reported that he traveled to Costa Rica with other students from Oglethorpe and he may have been caught up in a RipTide.

God always has a way of working everything out so I know Erik is in good hands. Praying for the BEST!

Back in Session

Classes are back in session... Well they have been since January 4th but we all know where I have been since then! LOL! God I thank you for this session in advance.... I AM READY TO GRADUATE IN MAY! Let's do this!

What are you guys working on for the New Year?? Share your goals!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Blame it on the NCAA because after The Ohio State University win at the Sugar Bowl everyone seems to be pointing the finger. Yes I am still celebrating my birthday. Yes I am a loyal Buckeye fan, but my Momma did not raise no FOOL!

When I found out about "The Columbus Five" and "Tattoo Gate" I was screaming, "SUSPEND THEM NOW! They need to be punished for their actions!" Why? Am I crazy? A little bit, but I know that what they did was wrong and against NCAA rules & regulations.

It seems that the NCAA just hands out suspensions when they see fit. Not Fair! Our Student Athletes are broke. Yet the NCAA makes millions of dollars off their hardwork and talent. Change the rules and find a way to put more money in the Student Athletes pockets. SEC fans last night were brutal! As I tried to hold a conversation with an Arkansas fan on what I thought should have happened to "The Columbus Five" another fan yelled at me, "BULLSHIT BITCH!"

REALLY?? You do not know me, but guess what you will find out. I meant what I said about benching the guys the first half or sitting them out the entire game. I was willing to sacrifice a definite loss for the greater good of the sport. TEACH THEM A LESSON! I explained to the name-caller that I did not appreciate the message the NCAA was sending to our children and other athletes across the board with allowing these guys to be eligible for the Bowl game. She apologized and said she thought I was just a stupid Buckeye fan that was sitting near Arkansas fans trying to fit in.

I do not need to fit in and my family taught me that. My mother made an example of me when I was younger playing sports. I got a technical foul in a basketball game and she made me apologize to the Refs, the other team, and my teammates. She then called my coach and asked her to sit me out the next game that I was suppose to start. SHE DISCIPLINED ME FROM THE SIDELINES! We need that from the NCAA CONSISTENTLY and not when they want to do it.

I am onto something with this & Im sure this is not the last time I will talk about this subject.... STILL IN NEW ORLEANS!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Every child that sees how hard their Mother works always wants to help lighten the load. Well since my Mother just loves to work hard I wanted to give her a gift that I know she would cherish: A TICKET TO THE SUGAR BOWL! In return God made sure that the man I love had enough tickets to take the entire family to the Bowl game! I was in tears!

College Football has always been a sport that I have adored since I was younger. My father passed down the love of football to my siblings and I and our mother nurtured it. It is only fitting that I am sharing this wonderful moment with my Mother, and my son who sees me work hard everyday.

Why work hard if you cannot enjoy what you earn? I thank God continuously for his love and favor on my life. You should too!
Now will THE COLUMBUS FIVE & TERRELLE PRIORS get us a WIN today against the SEC!? We shall see what the College Football gods have in store for us... Stay tuned!

A Matter of Life & Death: LOVE

As I celebrated my 27th birthday with my family members God reminded me that he is in control. My Mom told me about a family friend that passed away & I began to cry. I remembered how beautiful Mrs. Calloway's spirit was and how much in love she was with her husband.

The women in my church would always tell me how great I could be if I just focused on myself & my love for God. Mrs. Calloway was a woman of God that did just that. God made sure that this trip home not only meant celebration, but remembrance of what I should strive to be.  I reached out to Mrs. Calloway's husband and shared a few words with him. I explained to him how I admired their love for each other & their love for God.

He explained to me that my generation lacks the knowledge of what true love is and that it starts with our faith in God. He is a wonderful man that loved his wife dearly and they both shared an amazing love for God. I find solace in knowing that Mrs. Calloway is sitting next to my Grandmother in heaven discussing how proud they are of the woman I continue to strive to be EVERYDAY... I am far from PERFECT but I know who I am!